Earth Attack

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Earth Attack

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Level by Franky

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Run forward and engage two aliens. One drops flares, the other a large medipack. Enter the W (02) opening and turn left. Stand on the edge of the lighter tile at the end, facing S, and jump up into the antigravity field with action to open the hatch high above. Stand at the edge of the tile facing E and jump up to grab the edge. Pull up into the duct and step forward to grab the flares. Take what looks like a smaller version of the LASER SIGHT from the plinth for SECRET #1. Drop down to the floor below and pull the S wall switch to the left of the lighter tile. There are more flares at the N end next to the lighter tile.

Return to the opening passage and go straight across into the W (01) opening. Turn right and go through the S opening. Take the COMPUTER KEY from the plinth, then shoot the plinth and grab a second COMPUTER KEY. Exit the small passage and loop around right to find a wall switch to pull. Reverse roll and go to the N end to find another wall switch to pull.

Return to the W (01) side passage, turn right and find that the door at the N end is now open. Enter and take 3 x revolver ammo from the plinth. Then shoot the plinth and pick up the CROWBAR. Reverse roll, run across to the S end and take the normal-sized LASER SIGHT and the REVOLVER from the plinth. You can't shoot this one. Return to the E (02) side passage, turn left and find a large medipack at the end of the N opening.

Return to the main passage where the level began and place the Computer Keys in their receptacles in the N wall. A block lowers between the receptacles. Run to the end of the passage for a generous 6 x revolver ammo. Step forward and open the crowbar bar to trigger an impressive flyby through an alien city. Step outdoors and draw the immediate attention of four soldiers. If you don't stray too far from the entrance doorway, you can save for later the aliens that you can see in the distance.

Just in front of the entrance door is a docking bay for four flying saucers. Go to the near one on the right (02 SE) and stand at the edge of the lighter tile facing W. Stand jump forward into the antigravity field and grab the edge of the block. Pull up for SECRET #2 and pick up the device. Hop back and slide to the ground. (Don't try this with the other stations, the ones without blocks, or you'll find yourself caught in the collision with no way of escape.)

Go W to awaken the four aliens you saw earlier, preferably one at a time. When that task has been completed, go N down the central passage and head toward the NW stations where four more aliens are posted at the corners. Pick them off as you did the others. Proceed to the middle of the N wall where you will find a garage. Two soldiers may be approaching. If so, wait and deal with them.

Turn around and face the temple-like structure with the yellow steps. Go around to the SE corner to find one of those tell-tale tiles with the concentric circles. Step up to the column and find that you can climb it like a ladder. Jump up to grab it, climb to near the top and shift right around a number of corners until you can drop down onto a flat surface. Drop down into the nearby hole for SECRET #3, shoot the plinth and pick up the usual device plus the SHOTGUN and 3 x uzi ammo. Climb out of the hole and slide down to the ground.

Go to the NE quadrant, and at the NE corner you'll find another one of those tell-tale tiles. Pull the block marked with a 3 two times and go around it for SECRET #4 (I won't keep mentioning that device). There's another tell-tale tile at the SE corner, but all you will find is a large medipack on the block marked with a 4. Return to the garage in the middle of the N wall and shoot the two soldiers inside if you didn't do so earlier.

Go all the way to the back N wall and you'll see two of those tell-tale tiles. First, approach the one on the E side of the room, shoot the glass pane above the tile, pull up inside and find a wall switch to your right. This turns off a force field, so get down and go to the W tile. Shoot the glass pane, pull up inside and pull down the wall switch on your left to lower a block somewhere. Go back to the first wall switch and pull back the block at the other end of the ledge. Get down, go around and pull up onto the ledge, then hop down left for SECRET #5.

Get back out, exit the garage and go to the S side of the NE quadrant to find the lowered block at the base of the square building. Enter and follow the passage to an open-air shaft. Loop around right and pull down the wall switch to open a door somewhere. Wait a half minute or so and an alien will join you, or exit quickly to engage it outside. Run W across the compound and find the opened door opposite the S side of the NW quadrant. Enter and follow the passage to a similar open-air shaft. Climb the ladder and pull up at the top. Hop around the corners to the S side and pull down the wall switch to lower a block next to a tell-tale tile.

Return through the passage or take a short cut by pulling up over the edge and sliding down to the ground. The lowered block is on the W side of the central passage on the right side, about halfway down. Go in and pull down the wall switch to your right. Exit and run clockwise around this large building. At the SW corner you'll find an elevator platform. Ride it to the top of the building facing N and save your game on the way up. Step forward onto the slope, slide and jump at the last instant with a left curve to land on a block below. If you miss, you die.

Take a running jump toward the N column. It looks too far away to reach, but you'll grab a climbing surface. Climb to the top and turn right to face the green fog. Take a running jump to the ledge surrounding the E pit. Climb down the ladder to the next level, find the next ladder and climb down to the very bottom. Enter the N crawl space for a large medipack and continue forward as sentry guns start firing at you from the next room. Ignore the revolver ammo, stand up, hop down and loop around right into the dark corner to evade the enemy fire.

Sprint down the left side of the N passage past the first alcove, or the sentry gun stationed inside will torch you before you can get by. You should be able to dispose of the sentry gun behind the second alcove with your combined revolver and laser sight, as it's facing away from you. First shoot the glass panel, then the explosive canister mounted on the rear of the sentry gun. The sentry gun farther away toward the SW should also be facing away from you, allowing you to target it as well. But if the canister refuses to explode, you can sprint back around to the other SW passage and take out the sentry gun in the second alcove just as you did the other one.

That leaves two sentry guns, and it might take some creative positioning to get behind them so that you can destroy them. In my case I had to take fire from one while destroying the other, but in the end all four were eliminated. When this has been accomplished, enter the room filled with dead soldiers and aliens, grab that revolver ammo you bypassed earlier and approach the N door. It opens automatically, so step inside on the right side and run just beneath the overhang (without touching the red lasers). A boulder will drop from above. Shoot it to get it out of the way and stand facing the entrance, underneath the boulder shaft. Jump up into the antigravity field and grab the edge. Pull up into the passage and pull down the wall switch at the end.

Get back down to find that the lasers have been turned off. Pull up into the NE passage and follow to another wall switch. Get down to find a new E passage. Pull back the skeleton and pick up the NUCLEAR KEY it was covering. Step into the helix to be transported to a new area.

The green button says "no," so better not push it (or maybe it's supposed to say "on"). Move the metal cabinet aside and jump up to open the ceiling trap door facing W. Turn around in place and jump up into the antigravity field. Grab the edge of the crawl space and pull up inside. Crawl forward and drop down the other side to engage two soldiers, one of which drops revolver ammo. Push the NE button, turning it from "off" to "on."

Go S toward the helix, shoot two more soldiers and pick up the large medipack dropped by one of them. Step into the helix to be transported to a dark cave. Pick up the spare REVOLVER and LASER SIGHT at your feet, together with 3 x revolver ammo. Run to the N end, arm yourself with the revolver + laser sight and turn right to face one of those skull monsters with the deadly eye beams. If you're quick, you can shoot out its eyes before it has a chance to juice up and zap you.

When it dies with a satisfying explosion, and if you want the next secret, run opposite the block the skull monster was on all the way to the W wall and hop up SW onto a block occupied by either a blue or a green glass plant. Locate the hole between them and jump down into a fixed camera and an antigravity field. Face the N wall (with the green grass plant above you) and jump straight up. Grab the opening at the top and pull into the passage. Follow around the corners to a maze.

Take the first left you come to, run over the tell-tale tile, turn right there and follow to the next opening to your right. Enter, run across the next tell-tale tile, continue to the next left and look to see the corner of a third tell-tale tile. Go past it to the plinth for SECRET #6. Retrace your steps and drop back down to the dark cave. Run E past the skull monster block, and the door ahead opens as you approach (if it isn't already open).

Enter and go up the winding stairs, pausing near the end for a large medipack. An onscreen alert says you're about to enter the Earth Nuclear Base. Step over the dead soldier to trigger a long flyby through the area ahead. When it ends you're being fired upon by four mutant robots, but each one will explode with a direct hit of one revolver round (the trick is getting them out in the open). Your best strategy is to hop back into the entrance passage and wait for them to come to you.

When all have been defeated, go to the nearby closed green door and stand at the fence facing S. Jump straight up into the antigravity field and grab the opening. Pull up, run forward and pull down the wall switch to open the green door. Drop back down, enter and follow the passage to a tell-tale tile and another closed green door. The wall next to the tile is phantom, so go through and pull down the wall switch to open the green door. Enter the control room and shoot two soldiers. The aliens are too busy with their tasks to be concerned about you, so loop around the machines to the NE alcove and take the second NUCLEAR KEY from the plinth.

Exit to the main Earth Nuclear Base. Go to the SW tell-tale tile, face the W wall and jump up into the antigravity field. Grab the edge at the top, pull up and run forward to pull down the wall switch. Get down, go to the SE tell-tale tile, stand at the near edge facing E and jump up into the antigravity field to open the ceiling trap door. Run forward to the wall, jump up to grab the edge, run forward and pull down the wall switch. Get down and find the opening in the fence near the NE corner.

The pit has been drained, so climb down and find the NUCLEAR BOMB at the center of the room. Pull back the red-tinted S rocket and go around it into the alcove for SECRET #7. Climb back out NE and exit up the S steps, shooting four soldiers along the way. (And yes, you did find the 7th secret.) The last one drops the CARD with the code you're to punch in (4017) and open the door (punch the star key on the bottom right corner after entering the numbers).

Enter the alien emergency ward and shoot two soldiers. Continue toward the S door, reverse roll when you near it and shoot two more soldiers. Go back and pick up 2 x revolver ammo they dropped. Go to the SE room and push the red button to gain access. There's nothing there, so go across into the SW room (this button won't work) and pull back the metal cabinet. Go around it into the passage and take the third NUCLEAR KEY from the plinth. By this time two more soldiers will have appeared in the passage, one of whom drops revolver ammo.

Push all the buttons to the other rooms to turn off the lasers. Enter the third W room (counting from left to right), pull back the cabinet and go around it to pick up the large medipack. The other rooms are all empty, so you needn't bother searching them. Go to the S purple door and it opens upon your approach. Step into the helix and you emerge at the Spaceship Mother.

Shoot nine soldiers who are converging on you. Unfortunately, none of them leave anything for you. Go to the nearby tell-tale tile next to the radar station and pull out the pushblock. Move it aside and enter the revealed alcove for SECRET #8. Go W up the moving ramp into the huge flying saucer to trigger an FMV that didn't play in my game.

Inside the Mother Spaceship Command Room, shoot two soldiers in the passage. Enter the E control room to shoot two more soldiers, then the W control room to shoot three more soldiers. In the main passage, stand at the S end and jump up into the antigravity field. Grab the edge at the top and pull up into Command Center. Turn around quickly to shoot two soldiers and search the corpses for a large medipack.

Approach the E lasers and they disappear. Enter the side room and pull back the device next to the tell-tale tile. Go around it for SECRET #9 and exit this room. Enter the W side room (the lasers there also disappear) and go around clockwise to the NW corner for a large medipack. Return to the main control room, stand against the N ledge facing N and jump up into the antigravity field and grab the edge at the top. Pull up and back flip over the shaft to face three sword-wielding warriors and a giant mutant monster. You can't kill the warriors, but you can stun them into inactivity. The mutant monster leaves behind the fourth NUCLEAR KEY.

Go to the SE corner, face E and jump up into the antigravity field. Pull up into the Stargate room, shoot four soldiers and avoid the fire of others presently beyond your reach. Locate the receptacles and insert the four Nuclear Keys. The big doors open, but you might want to grab 2 x large medipack before entering to do battle with eleven (by my count) soldiers. One of them drops a NUCLEAR BOMB that you fortunately do not have to use.

Go up the E moving ramp into the stargate to trigger a final FMV that again did not play on my computer.

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