Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Yu Tu Island

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Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Yu Tu Island

Post by Phil » 20 Apr 2018 21:46


Level by Sponge

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Lara drops down to a hilltop in a wintry Oriental setting. Don't slide off into the ocean below, or you'll die and the game will crash. Instead, go toward the frozen pond and bamboo patch and enter what appears to be a temple at the main entrance (the door to the lower level is locked). Go diagonally across to your left into a room where you're attacked by two samurai warriors. It takes a lot of firepower to bring them down. What's more, the doors to this room close to prevent your escape. When they're both dead, the doors open again and you can explore the rest of this building at your leisure.

First, pick up the broken-off STATUE HEAD (note its headless counterpart in the nearby window) and go up the stairs to the second story. Loop around right and pull down the wall switch that opens the SW door to the balcony. There's nothing to do there, now or ever, so shoot the vase on the stand near the S window and pick up dragon eggs (ammunition for the Dragon Gun, soon to be acquired). Go up the stairs to the third story and pick up the CANDLE near the chest on the Buddha statue's left (screen shot of outdoor grates). Pull down the wall switch to the right of the chest to open a ceiling panel in front of the Buddha statue. Stand at the edge of the raised platform with your back to the Buddha statue, jump up to grab the ceiling opening and pull up to an attic of sorts. Take the DRAGON GUN from the small table and drop back down.

Go all the way down the stairs to the first floor and exit the temple. Go around to the back and find the grates you saw in the cut scene. You can open both of them as you would a floor trap door. Drop down the left side and crawl forward. Stand up and place the Candle near the flames. Watch the candle melt away as it's replaced by a KEY, what looks like a crowbar but is actually a WALL SWITCH HANDLE, and some WARM WAX. Return to the main floor of the temple, in that room where you battled the samurai warriors, and combine the Statue Head with the Warm Wax so you can glue it onto the headless statue in the window. The doors behind you open, so go out onto the balcony to find a pushable vase. Move it into the temple and through the first room into the next room, and finally into the SW corner underneath that dark circle in the ceiling (screen shot of something on that frozen pond outside).

Go there, hold your nose and pick up what seems to be a dead FISH. Go to that pushable vase in the temple and release the Fish into it (select it from your inventory and press the action key). The Fish miraculously revives and the CELLAR KEY appears behind you. You know where that goes, but first, go upstairs and use your other Key in the W wall. The N wall opens up, so go there and take the ANCIENT DAGGER from the small table. Go upstairs to the third floor and use the Ancient Dagger as a crowbar to pry the PLATE PART from the Buddha statue.

Now it's time to use that Cellar Key. Exit the temple, make a sharp right and go down the stairs to unlock the cellar door. Go inside and to the NE corner. Place the Handle in the socket to lift some of the wooden bars to your left, enter and take a second PLATE PART from the small table. Go to the SE corner for dragon eggs and go downstairs to a lower level of the cellar. Loop around left and stoop to shoot a panel and reveal a crawl space. Crawl inside and follow the passage to its end. Combine the Plate Parts and place the SEAL in the wall receptacle to open the trap door beneath your feet.

Drop down into a creepy mausoleum-like area. Find a wall switch in the E side room that opens up a water hole in the middle of the main room. Jump in and swim up into a ceiling opening in the S wall. To your left (E) is a switch of some kind that opens the SE gate below. To your right (W) is a similar switch that lifts another gate somewhere else. Swim down past the opened gate and follow past a narrow opening to an underwater room. Swim into the NW opening beneath the bamboo gate and find the GREEN KEY. Go back through the narrow opening to that W switch and push it again to lower that bamboo gate. Swim back, pull into the opening above the bamboo gate and follow around to find the YU TU (which looks to me like nothing more than a green rabbit). When you pick it up, gates open on either side of a ladder.

Swim back and up through the N ceiling hole. Pull out and go through the opened gateway to the left of the ladder. Follow the passage to a window. Use the Green Key there and go back around. Loop around left into the opened gateway to the right of the ladder and follow the passage to another opened doorway leading to a small room with the DRAGON EGG (something other than ammunition for your Dragon Gun). A screen shot shows the outdoor monument you may have noticed at the beginning of this level.

Go back, climb the ladder and exit the cellar via the crawl space and the two stairways. Once back outside, go S to that monument you saw in the cut scene (looks like a memorial to Donald Duck) and place the Dragon Egg in its parted beak. Watch the flyby, where floating platforms materialize behind you, but be ready to side flip to your right as soon as camera control is restored, to avoid the flames now shooting out of Donald's beak. Go to the E edge of the island and take a running jump to grab the first of three floating platforms. Take running jumps NE down to the next two platforms, and finally take a long running jump E to the opening ahead. Vault up to the jade statue and offer it the Yu Tu to end the level and bring it crashing to the desktop.

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