Let's Play Tomb Raider - Station Style!

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Let's Play Tomb Raider - Station Style!

Post by High Priestess » 23 Nov 2017 19:20

OK so I am posting these more frequently than weekly BUT I am really hoping we can get some great links that others have saved.

My first experience with station levels (before I joined this site), was Aldwych.

This is a very real abandoned and derelict London Underground station as can be seen here:


What both appealed and also scared me was that in the level itself, the eeriness just made my hair stand on end. It actually reminded me of "An American Werewolf in London" whereby the commuter was alone in the London Underground with the werewolf stalking him :-o

Of course, I don't just mean stations per se but please include any levels excluding actual train levels which we'll cover next :D Soon enough it'll be time to incorporate the Christmas levels!!

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