Three Kingdoms

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Three Kingdoms

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Levels by Alphonse

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of two outstanding video walks posted by Doggett D. McDog and tartancroft


Young Lara slides down a rock face to a small orchard. Run forward (W) to the building, turn right at the wall at jump forward to slide down the rocks into a depression. Enter the building via the crawl space and run out into a courtyard. Run clockwise around the moat (there's nothing in it but a closed gate at the far end) and two horse statues, loop around left as you face the N wall and find a ladder in the moss-covered wall. Climb to the top and jump E to the roof of the building.

Hop through the nearby chimney to land in the unlighted fireplace below and gain access to the mansion. Run around the staircase and pull back the statue to open (for later) the trap door it was covering. Head NE into the dining room and open the cabinet to your left for a small medipack. Return to the staircase and run around it to the other side. Run past a grand piano and follow the hallway to a new area of the mansion.

Bear right to enter the N wing and run up the winding ramp to a sitting room. Pull the book switch on the left side and run back down the ramp. Turn right into a larger dining room and search the SW cabinet for another small medipack. Go back to the main entrance where you pulled back the statue. Climb down the opening and continue down the stairs into the cellar. If you get too close to one of the coffins, it will open and a cadaver will flop out with its head going around in circles. In the opposite corner is a shelf with a TORCH. Pick it up and look for a place to light it. There are flames all around, but they're all inaccessible. Locate the broken stairs SE and go up, jumping where necessary and passing more inaccessible flames, until you can hop into an opening at the top. Here you will find a disembodied flame floating here and there in the air. That's no help, so drop your torch momentarily and pull down the wall switch that opens a gate to the upper story of the mansion.

Pick up the torch and enter, and the flame will follow you teasingly. There's a small fireplace down the hall on your left where you can finally light the torch, and a nearby cabinet stocked only with another small medipack. Go downstairs to the main entrance (with the disembodied flame continuing to follow you) and loop around right to the same small dining room you visited earlier. Exit W and turn right into the kitchen. Stand beneath the sprinkler and hit the action key to activate it. A trap door opens in a nearby bathroom, and your torch is extinguished (you don't need it any longer anyway).

Exit the kitchen and run down the hall. The door at the end leads to a small empty bathroom. The door on the right leads to a larger bathroom where you'll find the opened trap door. Dive in, swim past a closed gate and pull up at the end. Search the cabinet for a large medipack and take the CROWBAR from the shelf in the corner. The wall switch opens the gate you swam by earlier, but first, open the N door with the crowbar and step out in front of the moat surrounding the mansion. Jump in, swim left through the opened gate and pull out into a small enclosed area. Pull down the SE wall switch and turn around to find a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #1.

Swim back through the opened gate, pull up at the crowbar door and jump back into the water hole in the room where you found the crowbar. Swim back along the passage and through the gate you opened with the wall switch, continue down the ramp and turn left at the first crossing. Pull out, note the star receptacle ahead and locate the wall switch that opens a trap door elsewhere (note the star in the cut scene). Jump back into the water, exit this room and continue swimming E down the ramp. Surface and pull out through the opened trap door. Pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall with your crowbar. You know where that goes, so return to the water, swim back up the ramp and turn right at the crossing. Pull out and run forward to place the Golden Star to raise the door ahead and to your left.

Go back to where you pulled out of the water and locate the ceiling monkey bars. Jump up to grab them and monkey swing to the raised doorway. Release, turn around and see the jump switch that you passed by. Jump up to grab the monkey bars once more and swing back to activate the jump switch to open a gate leading to the third secret. However, you can't get back into the water from this side, so go up the S stairs past the coffin room and climb the ladder at the end. For another secret, turn right and loop right around the staircase at the entrance area, continue into the N wing and up the winding ramp. Turn right into the sitting room and find a new opening in the bookcase where lies a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #2.

Exit and run back down the ramp. Continue straight into the hallway and turn right to go W down the connecting hallway. Push open the doors at the end and enter the next room. Turn left and open the crowbar door, step out into the moat area, and swim back W to the first shortcut door you opened near the NW corner. Pull out there, enter and jump into the familiar water hole. Swim along the passage, through the opened gate ahead, left at the crossing and pull out where you did earlier. Monkey swing once more to the opened doorway, proceed down the stairs and into the next room.

Near the right edge of the pit ahead, hop up slightly NE to grab the opening and pull up past the opened gate to find another GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #3. Jump back down and save your game in front of the S wall switch (timed). Pull it down to raise the door across the pit in the N wall. Reverse roll, run and jump to grab the rope, and swing across to the opened doorway before the door slams shut again. Run down the steps, hop to grab the pole and slide down carefully past the revolving blades. When you reach the floor you can pull back up to the second level for a large medipack. At floor level is a small medipack.

Run N down the ramp into the globe puzzle room. You can hear a trapped knight dragging his sword near a closed gate. In addition to the pushglobes and the marked tiles, you can see the barriers down below that need to be shattered by the knight (once he is released). The pushglobe near the SE corner with the red band goes all the way across the room, onto the red tile near the N wall. When you move it there a small floating globe appears above it. The pushglobe with the green band, the one against the S wall near the entrance to this room, goes E to the wall, N three times and W past one tile and onto the green tile. There's no short cut for the pushglobe with the gray band against the N wall. You have to move it all the way around the room to the gray tile that's not that far away S as the crow flies, and it makes little difference which direction you choose. That leaves two pushglobes and two tiles, blue and yellow, and of course each is on the opposite side of the room from the other. When all five pushglobes have been correctly placed, the gate that was confining the knight opens, so go down into the trench and use yourself as bait to get him to swing his sword and shatter the five wooden barriers down. Apparently all five have to be shattered before the E exit gate will open.

Go E down the steps and around to a weird-looking room with alien images. Step into the helix to end the level.


When Lara steps out of the helix, she appears to have matured dramatically and is now carrying her pistols. She's also back in that weird alien room. Exit S and run up the stairs. Shoot the wooden barrier to attract a ninja warrior and use your crowbar to open the crate for uzi ammo and a small medipack. Climb the ladder to a hallway leading to an outdoor balcony surrounding a large Oriental courtyard.

Run left to the SE corner and turn left into the alcove to push open the double doors. Enter, turn left and deal with the ninja warrior you alerted earlier. Pull up N where he came from and find flares in the NW alcove. Enter the E room and pull the chain to open another set of doors on the balcony. Return to the balcony and turn left to find the opened double doors. As you approach the opening you hear the sound of doors opening. Hop down into a lower area with crates and open the middle one with your crowbar. Pick up the familiar combination of uzi ammo and small medipack inside and continue S along the corridor.

Step onto a trap door that gives way and causes you to slide down a dark passage to an equally dark room below. Run forward to the corner, hop onto the NE crate, hop up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing S to an opening where you can release. Follow the corridor to the end and pull up right. You're overlooking the dark room below.

Jump forward and grab the nearest pillar. Shift right around two corners and drop down onto the platform on the other side. Endure the fixed camera in this area, jump W to the next platform that connects two pillars and turn right (N) to grab this pillar. Shift left around two corners to the other side and take a rolling back flip with grab into an opening in the N wall. Pull up right two times, come to the opening and take a running jump slightly SW to grab the central ledge. Pull up and search the coffin for the UZIS and uzi ammo, and the CROSSBOW and poison arrows.

Turn right and jump to grab the opening in the W wall. Pull up, go down the steps and engage the warrior ninja. Grab the nearby flares and pull the chain to open more doors. Step into the N opening (note the closed door in the S opening), jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing around the corner to the next passage. You've been here before, but there's an unmarked trigger tile on the other side of the trench with the crates that opens the timed S door behind you. Therefore, drop down from the monkey bars, hop into the trench, run forward and jump up to the other end, reverse roll and get back quickly so you can get past the S door before it closes.

Pause for the TORCH, jump down into the S room, light the torch and get on the central platform. Jump toward the SW corner to ignite the clothesline overhead, then drop the torch and exit N as you hear the sound of a door opening. Follow the W corridor around several corridors to a familiar crossing, turn left and monkey swing to the next passage as you did earlier. This time, continue until you return to the outdoor balcony. Go around to the open doors at the NW corner and find a pushblock. Push it once to open up a passage. Push the block to your left one time, pick up the uzi ammo and small medipack, then go around and push the block on the right one time to reveal more uzi ammo and a small medipack. Push the first crate aside to reveal a fourth crate. Open this one with the crowbar to find the RED STONE.

Exit to the balcony and run around right to the SW corner. Enter the opening and crawl E past a crossing (for later). Drop down at the end and run into a new outdoor area which I'll call the hub room. The three secrets in this level are all in the water nearby, but you won't be able to collect them until you're finished here. Loop around left and insert the Red Stone in the snake head receptacle. A door opens to release a mounted horseman. Shoot him from his perch and, after what seems like an eternity, pick up the WESTERN KEY he dropped when he finally died. Go up to the W doors and use the Western Key to open them.

Step out into an outdoor area. Keep to your left and shoot the coffin at the end of the passage. Shoot the bengal tiger that tries to sneak up on you from behind, then pick up the GREEN STONE and uzi ammo. Go back along the passage and head NW past a couple of closed doors into a new area with three snake head receptacles. Go to the S wall to find a fourth snake head receptacle (you won't use this one until the very end). Shoot the coffin to reveal poison arrows. A bengal tiger comes to the attack, and when it dies it leaves behind another GREEN STONE.

Go back and take the NW passage, run past a dragon receptacle (for much later), hop over the crate and shoot the coffin on the other side for uzi ammo. Note the dragon receptacle ahead, hop back over the crate and engage a bengal tiger that drops a third GREEN STONE. Go back to where three snake head receptacles are bunched together and insert all three Green Stones to open the nearby door. Enter, pick up the small medipack and pry the NORTHERN KEY off the wall with your crowbar. Turn around and go down the NE passage to draw out a ninja warrior. Return to the S wall and step on a very faintly marked trigger tile to open a timed N door. Run there quickly and pick up the explosive arrows in the next room.

Pull the chain to open the exit door, then exit to the passage leading to the snake head receptacles. Follow E through the double doors and back to the hub room. Go to the N doors and insert the Northern Key in the receptacle. The doors here do not open, but you get a cut scene of underwater doors opening. Jump into the water and find the opened NW doors. Swim W, then N and pull out. Use your explosive arrows to eliminate two turtle crocs. Hop up NE and NW for two YELLOW STONES. Insert them in the S snake head receptacles to open the SE doors. Go there, pick up the small medipack and pry the SOUTHERN KEY off the wall.

Swim back to the hub room, pull out and exit SE. Pull up right, go through the crawl space and turn left into that opening you bypassed earlier. Go down the steps, turn left at the crossing and stop at the opening. Take a long running jump SW and grab the block with the pole. It's a tricky jump and will likely take you several tries. Save when you finally make it. Pull up, climb the pole and back flip to the NW pillar. Pull the chain there, jump back to the pole, slide down and drop to the floor. Pull up to the NE pillar, exit and follow the passage W down to a small room. Use the Southern Key to open the doors and exit to a new outdoor area.

Jump to the far S bank, pick up the small medipack and shoot the harpy that you've attracted. Pick up the small medipack that has materialized on the pier and find yourself trapped temporarily in a helix along with a duplicate Lara. Shoot another harpy before it can drain life from your duplicate. Jump into the water and swim N into the opening. Two trap doors fall open in front of you, so pull out into a previous room. Hop onto the raised SE block and pry the EASTERN KEY from the wall. Exit N, up the stairs and left at the crossing, through the crawl space and right (E) to the hub room.

Use the Eastern Key to open the E doors. Go through the wide hallway to an outdoor area guarded by three hydras. These hydras, however, don't behave in the same manner as the ones you may have seen before. They act more like demigods, firing at you from an angle so that their deadly bolts curve toward you. They also succumb to steady fire, and you don't have to wait for them to recharge as you do with the more familiar hydras. When each one dies it leaves behind a BLUE STONE. Collect all three and place them in the hard-to-see snake head receptacles behind each small waterfall in this area.

The central trap door in the shallow pool opens, so jump in and swim along the passage until you reach a RED STONE on a plinth. Continue to a wider area and swim into the three openings in the small structure in front of you for a GOLDEN ROSE in each one and SECRETS #1, #2 and #3 (the secrets from the first level were not carried over to this level for some reason). Surface and pull out into the hub room. Exit W and make your way SW, then NW, and finally to the S wall where you insert the Red Stone in the snake head receptacle to open the S door. Enter and safety drop into a dark cave. Locate the triangular opening in the E wall and crawl through and around the corner to continue to the next level.


Don't move around much in this small cave, or you'll be warped back to the previous level. Instead, climb the ladder to your right and pull up to find flares. Follow the passage to a small pool and dive in. Swim to a ship, go around it to the right and pull out onto the pier. Run up the gangplank, but instead of trying to enter the ship turn right beyond the railing and run toward the bow. Use your crowbar to open the door there and enter to engage a ninja warrior.

There's a ceiling hole in the center of the room. Pull up E for uzi ammo and S for a small medipack. Jump up higher and deal with a second ninja warrior. Go down the N passage and find a RED STONE (1 of 4) in the alcove on your right. Go back down to the deck and jump into the water on the E side of the ship. Locate the opening beneath the waterfall and swim through until you can surface.

Pull out and head S, pausing for crossbow arrows in the alcove to your left. There are poison arrows ahead in the S opening, and when you turn to follow the E path a cut scene is triggered. Walk forward carefully to trigger the first of two boulders, jump over the slope and deal with the ninja warrior (you can riddle his back with a few poison arrows without even alerting him). Continue walking forward to trigger the second boulder and jump over the slope into the clearing to find another RED STONE (2 of 4). A ninja warrior is waiting for you on your way back.

Swim back to the ship, go around it to the right and under the pier find an opening that leads to what appears to be a maze. The path to your right leads to a closed door. Swim straight W and follow the passage until you can pull out into an idyllic Oriental setting.

Go to the middle of the N wall in front of the S temple entrance, jump back into the water and swim into the S opening against the current. Turn left at the wall and keep left to avoid the spikes ahead. The water is shallow enough here to allow you to stand and wade S past more spikes and along a W channel. Turn left into deeper water and take a RED STONE (3 of 4) from the plinth. You could go back the way you came, but if you want the secrets in this level continue S until you reach more spikes. Turn left and weave your way past even more spikes.

At the crossing, allow the current to carry you to the E perimeter. Turn right and quickly follow the channel until you reach a timed door to your left (I'm not sure what triggers the timer, but when I went back into the previous opening and tried again, the timed door was once more open). Swim inside and follow the passage to an air hole. Grab some air and save your game in preparation for a spike gauntlet as you continue along the passage.

Time your way past the first set of spikes, take an immediate left past the second set of spikes and pull up S into a small room for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #4. Swim back N past the spikes (there's a safe area at the intersection) and continue N past the next set of spikes to pull out into another small room for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #5. Back in the water to the safe spot, turn right and time your way past the next set of spikes to pull up into the W room for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #6. Pull the chain in the corner (no indication of what may have happened), jump back into the water and swim into the N passage. Follow to the perimeter moat and pull out.

Run NW to the rock wall and look up to see a red artifact that you can't reach. Standing near the S end of the rock wall, hop NW onto a stable surface, turn to face S and jump up higher. Stand against the rock wall facing W and jump up to grab the edge. Shimmy right past the water hole until you can drop down and pick up the RED STONE (4 of 4). Hop down and run around the temple to the S entrance (as you face the outer wall). Use two of your Red Stones in the snake head receptacles to open the doors. Enter and pick up the explosive arrows. Go to the NW corner to find two receptacles for your remaining Red Stones. When you place them two of the jade statues come to life. When they die each leaves behind a HEAD OF SPEAR.

Go to the other two jade statues and place the Heads of Spear on each one. You hear the sound of a trap door falling open, so go to the pole and climb up past the opened trap door. Back flip into an upper room and engage two knights. There's a snake head receptacle in this room, but you have nothing yet to place in it. Go to the W window and open it with your crowbar. Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and go around the perimeter of the roof for a small medipack in each of two outer windowsills and a RED STONE in another. Return to the upper room and insert the Red Stone in the receptacle to open a trap door above the pole to your left.

Climb the pole through the opening, back flip into a still higher room and pull the chain for a flyby. Get down via the poles through the openings to the room with the jade statues and exit S. Run to the NE corner, jump into the water and follow the passage there back to the ship. Pull out onto the pier, run up the gangplank and go to the bow of the ship to the door you opened at the beginning of this level. Enter the room, pull up through the central ceiling hole and keep ascending to the highest level. Go through the N passage and drop down through the floor hole. You'll find uzi ammo in one intermediate alcove and a small medipack in another. At the very bottom find a TORCH on a plinth, but leave it for now.

Open the S door with your crowbar, grab the torch and step out onto the deck. Go around to the room at the bow (S), enter and light the torch. Go back to where you found the torch and light the sconce in the E alcove. The door opens behind you, so drop the torch and take the RED DRAGON from the plinth. Return to the deck and jump into the water at the N end. Find the opening in the rock wall and swim to the cave where you began this level. Pull out and follow the passage to the hole. Climb down the ladder and run around the room below until you're warped back to the previous level.

Level 2: BLUE KINGDOM (revisited)

Crawl N and W through the passage in the cave. Pull out at the end and run forward to the wall. Keep left as you follow the passage past a dragon emblem and over the crate into the S alcove. Place the Red Dragon to open the door to your right. Step out into a new area to encounter not one but two mounted horsemen. Each one drops a RED STONE when he dies. The snake head receptacles are on the smaller structures E and W. Place the stones there to open the doors to the structures. Inside each one is a chain. Pull them both to open the large S doors. Go on through, jump into the water and swim forward to return to the Red Kingdom.

Level 3: RED KINGDOM (revisited)

Swim around the corner and take the GREEN STONE from the plinth. The nearby door opens, so swim through and return to the outdoor Oriental area by taking the passage to the right (the passage to the left leads back to the ship). Pull out and run around to the W rock wall. Jump into the water hole directly opposite the E temple entrance, swim forward and pull out. Place the Green Stone in the snake head receptacle to open the door leading to the Green Kingdom.


Follow the passage to an outdoor courtyard. Run past a snake head receptacle and come to a peaceful guard standing near a noisy horse. Continue around the corner to find a panel of huge buttons that you'll come back to again and again. Counting from left to right, push buttons 3, 2 and 1. Reverse roll, run N down the alley and turn left into the first doorway. Note the receptacles, pick up the LASER SIGHT and return to the buttons.

Push buttons 1, 2 and 3, run SW and enter the last doorway on your right. The doors close behind you, so climb down the ladder and come to an underground Buddha. Climb up W and find uzi ammo on the Buddha's left shoulder. Enter the S structure and pull the chain to re-open the exit doors. Before leaving this area, climb up onto the Buddha's right shoulder and jump SE onto the roof of the structure. Jump E to the rock ledge, pick up the small medipack and continue N along the rock ledge until you reach a GREEN STONE.

Hop down and climb back up the N ladder. Return to the panel and push buttons 1, 3 and 2. The doors to your immediate right open, so go there and enter and follow the passage to a ladder. Climb up to an outdoor area and use the three wooden platforms to reach the roof of the structure below for another GREEN STONE. Drop to the ground, enter the structure and pull the chain to re-open the exit doors. Grab the uzi ammo NE and the small medipack in the dark SE corner, then use the SW block to get back onto the roof. Pull up onto the lowest wooden platform and take a running jump SE to the next one (no grab necessary). Continue E to the exit, climb down the ladder and return to the panel.

Push buttons 2, 1 and 3. Reverse roll and run N down the alley into the last doorway on the left. Enter another outdoor area and find uzi ammo in the far NW corner on the rocks. There's a small medipack in the water beyond the W waterfall. Enter the S opening and use the raised platform to activate the timed jump switch high up in the S wall. The doors in the NE corner outside open, so hurry there before they close (sprint not necessary). Turn left into an area that looks almost identical to the previous area. There's a small medipack behind the N waterfall. Enter the NE opening and activate another timed jump switch. Reverse roll, exit the structure and turn left. Sprint S to the rock wall, turn left and sprint straight E past the timed door.

Pick up the GREEN STONE and pull the chain to re-open the exit doors. Exit this room, turn left at the opening for a short cut and return to the panel of buttons. Push buttons 3, 1 and 2 and run SW to enter the middle doorway on your right. Enter, climb down the ladder and look at the map clue on the N wall. Stand at the edge of the platform and stand jump forward to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing forward six times, turn left, monkey swing to the wall, turn right and monkey swing to the platform. Drop down and deal with the warrior ninja. Take a running jump N and grab the ceiling, monkey swing to the N wall, turn left and monkey swing W until you can drop down onto a ledge.

Run forward into the next room, pull the chain to re-open the exit doors and pick up the GREEN STONE. Go back if you wish to kill another warrior ninja, then exit S, climb halfway down the ladder and take a rolling back flip to grab the edge of the S alcove. Pull up and grab the TORCH, then hop down N and light the torch on the flame beside the ladder. Drop down into a lower passage. Walk carefully to an opening and light the tile there that disables the nearby spikes in the next room. However, more spikes inside are still active, so walk E into the next room until you've passed the spike tiles, turn left and run to the N wall, turn left and run to the NW corner for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #7.

There's another rose in the NE corner, but you can't take a direct route there from here. Walk forward E past the dormant spikes until you reach the next spike marks (active), turn right until you've passed them, turn left and run to the E wall. You're now home free, so turn left and run to the GOLDEN ROSE in the NE corner for SECRET #8. From here, run S safely to the SE corner for another GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #9. Don't run W toward the flame and the exit, or you'll be spiked. Go back N, turn left into a spike-free field and make your way SW to the S wall. You can now reach the exit safely.

Leave the torch here and climb back up the ladder. Pull up, run forward, turn right at the chain and return to the deep dark room. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing S to the platform. From there, monkey swing three blocks E, three blocks N and all the way E until you can drop down safely. Climb the E ladder, go outside, turn left, run down the N alley and turn left into the room where you found the laser sight. Insert the four Green Stones in the snake head receptacles to open the W door, go inside and take the GREEN DRAGON from the plinth. Exit and run back S, past the button panel and the snake head receptacle, head through the E passage and return to the Red Kingdom.

Level 3: RED KINGDOM (revisited)

Jump into the water, take the first passage left and keep left around the perimeter until you reach the ship and pier area. Swim left around the ship and into the N wall opening. Surface, pull out and follow the passage E and around the corner to the floor hole. Climb down the ladder and run into the warp trigger.

Level 2: BLUE KINGDOM (revisited)

Crawl N and W to an open area. Use the block to climb up N into a previously visited area. Keep left as you follow the passage to the dragon receptacle you noted much earlier. Insert the Green Dragon here to open the door to your right. Enter for crossbow arrows and drop down into a cavernous area. Step forward W and Lara will look up at two lions' heads. Combine the laser sight and crossbow and shoot the gems in the lions' mouths (normal arrows will do). Jump up the slope to your left and enter the temple.

Two warrior ninjas are waiting inside. Dispose of them and pick up the two GREEN STONES they dropped. Insert them N and S in the snake head receptacles. Pull the chains inside the two structures to open the W doors. Open the crate with your crowbar for another GREEN STONE, and insert it in the snake head receptacle in the next area. Exit S into a new area and engage a knight. Another GREEN STONE is dropped, so insert it the nearby snake head receptacle and pull another chain. Exit S and face two pushblocks.

Push the one on the right and pull the one on the left. Go around it and push it N. Go to the first block and pull it back to its original spot. Go around it to find a new passage. Pull up onto the crate for crossbow arrows and hop down. Go down the stairs and around the corner. Shoot the gems in the jackals' heads to open the W doors. Enter the courtyard and engage two mounted horsemen. You know the drill; each one drops a GREEN STONE, which you place in the receptacles to access the chains, etc. The W doors open, so step forward and jump into the water far below to be taken back to the Green Kingdom.

Level 4: GREEN KINGDOM (revisited)

Pull up onto the nearby block and pick up the RED STONE. A door opens, so climb the ladder to a ledge and step forward. Run S down the alley, past the button panel to the snake head receptacle. Use the Red Stone to open the S door, run down the stairs to a crossing. Turn left into what I'll call the secret room. Going the other way leads to an earlier finish that you'd have had to use if you hadn't collected all nine secrets. Starting from the left, insert your Golden Roses. When you've placed the first two, a gate opens between them so you can place the third one. Continue in the same manner around the room until all nine roses have been placed. A door opens in the SE corner.

Drop or climb down and enter a lower room guarded by a red horse that acts suspiciously like a bull. Entice it to charge against the four colored tiles on the pillars. When you've accomplished this task a trap door opens in the floor, near the middle of the S wall. Drop down and run into a room guarded by a ninja hammergod. Climb the ladder in the N wall (if you try to climb any other one you'll be knocked from your perch), shift left and drop down onto the bridge. Run to the intersection and pull up W. Run forward and take the GOLDEN DRAGON from the plinth. Run down the N passage into an alien room, loop around left and jump into the helix to end this adventure.

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