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IMDb Message Board Closure.

Post by High Priestess » 15 Apr 2017 08:33

Well that came as a shock when it was threatened, not to mention executed. What a cop-out. :roll:

I used to spend hours accumulatively reading other people's takes on various movies and I used to contribute daily. I'd log into my Outlook e-mail and search for IMDb responses before anything else!! I made some top friends too. My favourite board was without question the "Jaws" board - the vibe was friendly and the atmosphere generally very pally. The administrators blamed it essentially on the trolling in not so many words but overlooked all the good in those message boards :cry:

I feel like half of my literary efforts have been washed away in the rain since I gave some great descriptive answers. OK so they gave us all time to copy and save our entries but we were all too busy signing the various petitions in order to save the message boards. And why would be bother to salvage our posts - there's nowhere else I would be egotistical enough to think them worthy of republishing!

Many of my friends have now boycotted the site although I still use it to look at casting profiles and such. A real shame that the interactive element has been pulled though.

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