Natla Technologies Building

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Natla Technologies Building

Post by Phil » 04 Feb 2017 21:11


Level by Greywolf

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, using the refreshingly glitch-free video walk provided by Tombdesign

Enjoy the opening FMV that shows how Lara gets onto the roof of the Natla Technologies building. Locate the nearby trap door and pull it open. Drop down, pick up the flares and shoot three or four bats. Crawl to the back N wall, turn around and look for a crawl space. Get in and grab the CROWBAR. Go to the middle of the W wall and open the crowbar door. Pull down the wall switch to lower a trap door in the NW corner. Before going there, turn around and pull up E. Pull down the wall switch and exit.

Turn right outside and loop around to spook another bat. Crawl S under the pipes, shoot another bat, and find a crawl space for a small medipack. Get back down, reverse roll and go around right to another crawl space for uzi ammo and flares. Pull up into an adjacent crawl space for SECRET #1 and a large medipack. Exit the crawl spaces and go to the NW corner where you lowered that trap door. Damn, but those bats are a nuisance.

Safety drop to the room below and note the door requiring an access card and another door requiring a key. Open the small door NW and go down the stairs (the elevators are out of order). On the way down, open the door to your right and go into a hallway. Kick open the first door you come to and search the cabinet on your right for a CREDIT. A guard comes to investigate, so deal with him and take the desert eagle ammo he drops. Kick open the next door in the hallway and search the cabinet on your left for a NOTE with valuable information. Finally, kick open the last door in the hallway and search a similar cabinet for a small medipack.

Exit and go down the N hallway to open the door to your left. There doesn't seem to be anything in here, so exit and open the other door in the NE corner where the camera angle changes. The cabinet to your right contains a large medipack. Exit this area and continue downstairs to another closed door. Open it to find a restricted area you can't enter until you obtain another access card, so continue downstairs to the very bottom and open the last door.

Step into an office area and shoot the guard. Pick up the BUNCH OF KEYS he drops, search the nearby cabinet for another CREDIT and go all the way back upstairs to the top floor. Use the Bunch of Keys in the SE keyhole and search the cabinet inside for a pink CREDIT (which doesn't appear as a separate item in your inventory). Use this Credit in the slot around the corner to open the doors to a plush office. Each of the cabinets against the far wall contains a FLOPPY DISK and a large medipack. From the credenza near the desk, take the BASTET STATUE.

Go downstairs one level to the hallway with several rooms. Enter the middle office in the S wall and insert the Floppy Disk in the computer. The printer to your left spits out a map (PRINT) of the building.

Go downstairs to the next level and insert the two Credits in the slots. The glass doors part, so enter the hallway and watch three of the four doors open automatically. In the first room to the left you'll find a couple of strange biscuit bugs. There's a small medipack and uzi ammo at the NE corner, and as you take a CREDIT from the cabinet another biscuit bug appears. Go across the hall to the next room, search the cabinet for a small medipack and lift the trap door.

Climb down to the storage room below, stoop SW to pick up a small medipack and search the cabinet for the LASER SIGHT. Pull down the NW wall switch (screen of a closed door) and climb back out. Open the last door in the hallway with the Credit and follow the passage to three closed doors. The ones on your right and left open as you approach them. Enter the one on your right (S) first, wait for the laser to come and go, and dash around into the alcove on your left before it returns. Pull down the wall switch (screen of a closed door) and return. Enter the N doorway and follow to another laser-guarded passage. Time your way into an alcove to your right, pick up the large medipack and pull down the wall switch (screen of the door opening).

Return to the hallway and enter the E doorway. Go down to a room with a toxic pool and shoot two biscuit bugs. You'll find desert eagle ammo on the floor and a small medipack on the opposite ramp. In the NE and SE alcoves are timed wall switches. First, take the uzi ammo from the NE alcove, then go to the SE alcove and pull down the wall switch there to create a bridge across the toxic pool and summon a host of biscuit bugs. When this distraction has been eliminated, pull the SE switch again to create the bridge, then dash across to the NE alcove to pull the switch that opens the E door on the other side of the bridge. Make your way there quickly (jumping the corners helps) before the bridge vanishes and the door slams shut.

In the next room, pull down the wall switch in the S alcove to open the E doors and release a giant scorpion. When it dies the N door opens. To the right of the stairs you'll find a large medipack. Go up the first flight of stairs and E past a door that opens automatically, and up to another door that opens and then closes behind you. Shoot the giant scorpion inside and pick up the small medipack in the corner. Search the SW cabinet for the DESERT EAGLE. Pull down the NW wall switch to open the exit door and search the nearby cabinet for an orange CREDIT. Exit and go to that nearby doorway that opened up for you earlier. Enter and search the cabinet for flares.

Go upstairs to the top floor, run across the bridge into the next room and hop back while drawing your Desert Eagle (you have sufficient rounds to spare) to deal with five biscuit bugs. Go back when it's safe and turn left toward the cabinet. The door to your right opens to release another biscuit bug. Search the cabinet for desert eagle ammo, turn right to enter the next room and stoop at the SE corner to pick up shotgun ammo, and grab the large medipack at the NW corner. Exit this room, turn left and go to the W end of the hall. The door to your left opens automatically, but before going there use the Credit to open the NW door.

Go to the back left corner and pick up desert eagle ammo and the SHOTGUN in front of the cabinet, which is otherwise empty. However, the cabinet in the back right corner has another SHOTGUN and more desert eagle ammo. On the way back, pull down the wall switch on the central column and watch the flyby. At the exit, search the cabinet on your right for a small medipack. Go across the hall into the S room for flares SW, uzi ammo NE and a small medipack NW.

Exit this area N and safety drop from the bridge at the cost of some health. Exit W across the bridge which has magically reappeared and go up the SW stairs. Turn left at the crossing, wait for the laser to go by and take refuge in the alcove. When the laser passes by again, loop around left for SECRET #2 and pick up the UZIS. Exit to the passage, turn left at the crossing and follow back to the main hallway where two guards are waiting. One of them drops desert eagle ammo.

Go upstairs past the next open doorway, and at the next landing combine the desert eagle and laser sight and shoot the light in the corner. Continue upstairs and turn left where a block has lowered. Enter the library and note the onscreen message. Pick up the flares to your right and go SW for more flares. When you step on the lighter colored floor ahead you trigger a flyby where the bookshelves start doing strange things and you're attacked by blue bubbles. Either wait for them to disappear or save and reload. Light a flare and follow the only path ahead for a large medipack. Shoot the SE panel and place the Bastet Statue in the receptacle to open large wooden doors somewhere.

Reverse roll and exit, staying to the left until you reach a room with flares and a small medipack. Continue slowly NW until you trigger three sets of squishy shelves. Time your way past them with standing jumps and continue to the wooden doors you opened. Go straight ahead and pick up the spare UZIS, continue forward at turn right to find another BASTET STATUE. Continue around the periphery of this room and pause for a small medipack and uzi ammo. On the way back around, something causes more uzi ammo to materialize, together with a large medipack.

Keep running around, and eventually you'll see lighter colored panels in the ceiling. I have no idea what causes this, but at some point the wooden doors will vanish and a new opening will appear in the E wall. If you continue running counterclockwise around the library you'll come to a smaller bookshelf with another BASTET STATUE. Go through that E opening and come to a room with an Egyptian motif. Shoot the cat statue in the SW corner (if you shoot the other one you'll release more of those blue bubbles), note the onscreen message and pick up the NOTE for another cryptic message.

Return to the library and keep running around (possibly triggering more blue bubbles) until the wooden doors reappear in the W wall. Make your way past the squishy shelves and stay left to exit the library. Go straight and up the stairs to the plush office you visited earlier. Near the desk is a keypad on the wall. Stand in front of it and press the action key to activate it. Use the arrow keys to punch in 0, 2, 1 and 4 in that order, pressing the action key after each selection, then scroll down to the star key (bottom right corner) and press enter to conclude the level with an FMV and a cut scene.

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