Dino Temple

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Dino Temple

Post by Phil » 27 Sep 2019 23:41


Level by Opaque79

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Walk forward to the beginning of a breaktile passage. Run over the breaktiles and turn left at the corner. Continue W into a room with two raptors. Grab the shotgun ammo in the SW alcove, note the closed W gate that requires a key and enter the small triangular opening in the E wall for a small medipack and flares. Go down the N passage to a room with slopes.

Jump up to grab the NW slope, shimmy to the right corner, pull up and take a rolling back flip onto the corner of the higher slope. Jump off without sliding and grab the upper ledge. Pull up and find the wall switch that raises a platform somewhere. Jump to the previous slope and safety drop to the ground. Exit S to the raptor room and climb onto the SE block. Pull up S onto the rock ledge, turn around and jump NE to the raised platform.

Pull up into the dark opening and loop around left to another opening. Note the closed overhead trap door in the corner and take a running jump to the NW ledge and pull down the wall switch to open the trap door. Jump back there and pull up W to an even higher opening. Jump to the NW ledge and turn left to line up with the suspended rope. Jump to grab the rope, swing forward and jump off onto the ledge with the closed door. Turn left and jump to the E alcove with the shotgun ammo.

Jump back to the previous ledge, jump to grab the rope again and this time swing forward and jump off to grab the crack high up in the N wall. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up into the E opening. Light a flare, go around the corner and jump S over the pit to the wall switch. Pull it down to open the door at the S ledge. Hop back over the pit and jump down from the opening onto the W ledge. Use the rope once again to reach the S ledge.

Enter a room with two shallow pools. Climb up onto the E ledge and pull down the wall switch to open a door down below in the NE corner. Go there and pull up two blocks to a ramped passage. Go up and follow to an opening that overlooks a large room with a raptor roaming about down below. Stand jump onto the breaktiles ahead and once more to the sloped column against the S wall. Slide down the slope, jump off near the bottom to grab the lower sloped edge, pull up and slide down to a ledge (or simply runjump from the first slope onto the second). From there you can easily dispose of the waiting raptor.

Find shotgun ammo in a NW alcove and follow the SE passage to a boulder ramp. Slide down, turn around to see the lurking boulder and sprint W and hop up the next ramp before the boulder can reach you. Hop up S into the passage and follow to a ladder. Climb up to a room where the first of three pendulum blades starts swinging. The others join in as you approach them, but they can be easily avoided. Once past them, come to an opening that overlooks the previous room.

Hop to the longer ledge and go to the central column. Look down left to see a two-sided opening. Run off the ledge onto the slope and jump off with grab to either glide into the opening or grab the edge. You're rewarded with SECRET #1 and 2 x uzi ammo. Stand at the corner and face slightly SW. From here you can jump to grab the previous ledge. Pull up, turn right and pull up N to face a room with a grated floor. You'll find a large medipack in the hexagonal alcove to your right.

Pull up into the N opening and push the block twice so that it falls down through the opening. Safety drop after it into the pool room and move the block against the S wall so you can use it to reach the opening above. Pull up and shoot the waiting raptor. Take the GOLD KEY from the raised central slab. Return to the pool room, exit N and jump to grab the rope. Turn slightly left, swing and jump down to the NW ledge. Make your way down to the floor and shoot two more raptors.

Use the Gold Key in the SW receptacle you noted earlier. The gate lifts, so enter and follow the passage around the corner. When you continue forward there's a small explosion, the floor vanishes beneath your feet, the gate ahead slams shut and you slide down into an underground lake. Pick up the nearby flares, then swim S and allow the current to carry you over to a lower section of the lake. Swim through the narrow S passage and surface in front of what is presumably the Dino Temple.

Wade out and go to the SW corner for a large medipack. Climb up NW near the water's edge and find the UZIS and uzi ammo. Go around to the NE corner at the water's edge and jump N from one flat spot to another. Loop around right and pull up onto the block in front of the E opening. Follow to a lava room. Go to the end of the bridge, hop up onto the block and slide down E. Run forward to the wall switch and pull it down.

Reverse roll, go back to the slope, stand right and jump up to a flat surface. Hop down W, turn right and jump to the block in front of the N opening. Pull up and follow around the corner. Stop in front of the opening to your left and wait for the triggered boulder to come to a complete stop. Squeeze your way past it into the S passage from which it came and pull up into the opening at the top of the ramp. Light a flare, step forward and pick up 2 x shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN for SECRET #2.

Go back down the ramp, squeeze by the boulder again on the left side, and follow W to a triangular opening that overlooks a waterfall. Jump down into the water and swim S through the narrow passage to return to Dino Temple, only this time the temple doors are open. Stay in the water where you can shoot two raptors in safety, then enter the temple. Go around either right or left and come to a lava room with more swinging pendulum blades.

Get carefully past the blades (can be done with one continuous run, no sprinting required) and enter the passage beyond. Follow to a foyer and continue forward to a room with two closed doors and a side passage (I'll call it the main room). First, hop into the dark NE corner for a small medipack, then enter the E passage and follow to what appears to be an empty room with a closed door. However, there's an unmarked walkthrough wall at the SW corner that you can either hop or pull up into. Pick up the CROWBAR, get back down and return S to the previous room.

Use the W crowbar switch to open the adjacent door. Shoot the raptor creeping up on you from behind and enter the W passage into a cave. Go to the W wall and turn right into another portion of the cave. Hop up NW for flares and get onto the central block. Face S, stand left, jump up to grab the edge and pull up to trigger a boulder. Immediately hop back down, side flip left and quickly find level ground while the boulder rolls to and fro and finally comes to rest. Get back up onto the block and pull up S. Go up the ramp and pick up the IDOL PIECE at the top.

Get down, return to the main room and go to the NW corner. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the bamboo ledge. Pull up, turn around and jump to the N alcove. Pull down the wall switch at the end to open the door in the E side room where you found the crowbar. Go there, enter the room and step on the raised trigger tile for a cut scene of the door you just opened. Exit S to the previous room, turn left and go through another unmarked walkthrough wall in the middle of the E wall. The opened door is just beyond, and at the end of the short passage is another IDOL PIECE.

Return to the main room, combine the two Idol Pieces and insert the GOLD IDOL in the N receptacle to open the adjacent door. Go up the ramp to the next room and trigger some intermittent burners. Pull up onto the block in a corner, and when the flame is off jump W to grab the ledge. Shimmy left just around the corner, and when the lateral flame above goes off, pull up, turn slightly right and side flip onto the block. Jump E to the higher ledge, shimmy right around the corner, pull up when the flame goes off and hop into the N opening.

Go up the ramp. No boulder this time, but five raptors are waiting for you in the room above. You can easily pick them off by staying inside the passage. When calm has been restored, hop up NE, climb the ladder and pull up E to where a door has opened. Slide down to the room below and use the crowbar to pry off what appears to be an ornament from the S designer tile to end the level.

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