2nd Quarter of 2019

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Re: 2nd Quarter of 2019

Post by Phil » 22 Jun 2019 12:43

Jorge22 wrote:
11 Jun 2019 10:44
There may have been a few reviews (one of mine, for instance). It's just that Michael hasn't been around, or so it seems, to post them. :)
For some reason this is becoming the norm these days. The problem is that the review page fills up after about five days, and if it goes much beyond that, the reviews submitted earlier in that window of time get lost in the shuffle and no one ever sees them unless they happen to stumble across the level that was reviewed. There are more serious things in life to occupy our attention, of course, but it makes me wonder whether Michael needs the help of a few trusted insiders (I'm not thinking about myself, as my tech-savvy skills are nil) to keep this site running smoothly.

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DJ Full
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Re: 2nd Quarter of 2019

Post by DJ Full » 28 Jun 2019 15:31

I've been thinking about this as well but in the fixing field. Anytime I find a level which needs a fix
- borderfix for windows 10
- widescreen aspect support
- compressed to uncompressed audio conversion
- wrong executables
- missing audio files
- failing game setup
I need to bother you with all this minor stuff, Michael... and I thought it's coming to an end but with windows 10 it got even worse and less compatible. I did 100 or more such fixes, I focused on best rated/latest levels in the first order, but I would like to fix all of those who need it. Right now I played another batch and I have like 20 more packs prepared, and I would need to send everything to you again, and it's definitely not the last time... not gonna lie, several times I hesitated to reupload because I understand you have life and I didn't want to bother you. Then stuff got lost on my drive, I went back to the start, etc etc etc... It would be great if we had some FTP upload zone (like in Back to Basics) to do all those reuploads without the need to run it through your inbox everytime. Would be much, much, MUCH easier...

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Alex Chap
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Re: 2nd Quarter of 2019

Post by Alex Chap » 06 Jul 2019 15:56

Well, it looks like we are now in the 3rd quarter of 2019, but I have some plans for this year's 2nd half :

- Validating my 3rd year
- Creating a serious game for a company specialised on social and territory
- Crying because of no time for personnal projects and leisure

I feel so bad for not having this spark I had years ago to work now

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Re: 2nd Quarter of 2019

Post by Bojrkraider » 07 Jul 2019 21:55

I too have some plans:
buy a new car (the old one has 21 years and it started to fall apart... :( )
go to Crete
finish a few levels in NGLE
buy trousers that will match my new shoes
stop thinking about my past
loose 10 kg
start mountain climbing again

If I will be able to do at least 2 of those it's a success. The car thing is a must anyway.

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