Search in the Lost Temple (Demo)

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Search in the Lost Temple (Demo)

Post by Phil » 20 May 2018 22:27


Level by Pedro the Gamer

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Drop down into a prison courtyard where the latest convict to be hanged twists slowly over the snowy ground. Enter the SW opening to trigger a dark-clad phantasm. There's shotgun ammo beyond the fence near the SW corner, and a wall switch near the SE corner opens the S door. Enter to find another wall switch. This one opens the floor trap door. Jump into the frigid water and quickly swim down and S to open the door. Pull out into a library.

Pull up into the SW crawl space and follow to a mirror room. On the other side of the central column is a trap door that collapses under your weight. In the dark passage below, open the S doors and enter another library. Take the small medipack from the table and climb the bookshelf at the middle of the W wall into a fixed camera at the upper balcony. Turn left and run around toward the NE corner, where the chandelier blocks your view of the timed E wall switch. Pull it down to open the door to your right. Side flip, enter, light a flare and shoot the box inside to reveal the SHOTGUN.

Return to the balcony, turn right and enter the NE opening. Push open the doors at the end of the passage to find yourself on another balcony overlooking a staircase. Turn left and go around the corner. When you reach another fixed camera, locate the pushblock in the N wall and push it all the way in to reveal a passage to your left. Look down (you don't need to waste a valuable flare) and find the WHITE KEY on the floor. Return to the balcony, go downstairs and loop around to find a keyhole in the SW corner. Use the White Key to open a floor trap door behind you.

Drop down and shoot everything in sight (boxes, suits of armor). Pick up the CROWBAR and uzi ammo, then enter the dark NE opening. Go up the steps into some light and pick up the SKULL KEY to bring two phantasms your way. Since they've politely opened the door for you, run forward and insert the Skull Key in the keyhole...oops, the key doesn't fit. However, the phantasms are neither noncorporeal nor immortal, so use your available weapons to kill them.

Run N past the stairs to find another keyhole on your left. But first, enter the middle E alcove and use the Crowbar to open the gate so you can pick up some much-needed flares. Run to the N end of the hallway and turn left into the NW alcove. Push the block all the way W to reveal an opening to your left. Pick up the large medipack and return to the hallway. Now you can use your Skull Key in that keyhole. Nothing seems to happen until you're beset by another phantasm. However, when it's dead you find that the gates to the right and left of the keyhole are now open. Enter by either gate, light a flare and find a hole in the ceiling. Pull up N and pick up the SWORD.

Get back down and head N down the hallway. Look to your right in the alcove past the crowbar gate and see that the way outdoors is now open. Go out into a courtyard and enter the N alcove to find a button. Push it to open a door elsewhere. Run S across the courtyard past a frozen pool to find the opened door. Enter the library and pull up onto the fireplace to the right of the roaring fire. Pull up higher into an opening in the bookshelves and go around to find a pole. Pull on it by pressing the action key and pay close attention to the ensuing cut scene. A block should lower somewhere. If you see the block rising again during the cut scene, it means you held down the action key too long and will have to yank on the pole again to lower the block once more. Get back down and find a wall switch on the W side of the fireplace. Pull it down to open a door somewhere.

Exit the library to the courtyard and run across to the NW opening through which you entered earlier. Back in the main hallway, run straight across W, go up the steps and pull up right into another library area. Find the CRYSTAL STAFF and return to the hallway. Locate the receptacle next to the crowbar gate and place the Crystal Staff in it. The gate in the SE alcove opens, so enter and find a floor trap door you can open. Turn around, safety drop down the opening and push the floor lever at your feet to open a gate somewhere. This is where the block was to have lowered. Even if the block isn't down, I could still push the floor lever right through the solid block in my game, but doing so didn't cause the gate to open. If this should happen to you, keep reading to learn how to remedy the situation. Return to the main hallway, run to the N end and pull up in front of the closed doors. Place the Sword on the shield to your right to open the doors. Enter to find a scene out of Complex Simplicity.

The central tiles are deadly (most of them, anyway, but you don't yet know which ones), so loop around left and pull down the timed wall switch to raise a block in the SE corner. Side step left and run forward to jump onto the raised block. Jump up to grab the crawl space and pull up inside. Crawl forward and pull on the pole to change the configuration of the Complex Simplicity room. Note the location of the green tiles before leaving. Return to the Complex Simplicity room to find that everything still looks pretty much the same. However, you remember where those green tiles were in the cut scene, so step only on those four (the others will fry you) to open the N gate.

Enter, turn left at the corner and pull up into a dark section of the library. Follow up to an opened gate. This is the gate that was opened by the floor lever you pushed earlier. If the gate is closed, and if the block in the floor lever alcove is still up, you'll need to return to the fireplace room across the courtyard and pull down that pole once again. You'll then need to return to the floor lever, even if you'd pushed it earlier, and step inside the alcove to trigger the gate open. Enter a library with a grated floor and activate the SW jump switch to open the W doors. Enter a hallway with a mirrored floor. There are four wall switches, two on each side, but only two (SE and NW) are reflected in the mirror. Pulling down just these two opens the W doors, but pulling down the other two seems to do no harm.

In the next room, climb a crate and pull up through a ceiling hole in the NE corner. Run S down the hallway to end the level.

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