Boris Samoilenko - Lara Croft Returns (TR3)

stuck in a level/unofficial level editor

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Re: Boris Samoilenko - Lara Croft Returns (TR3)

Post by Gerty » 10 May 2010 00:02

Shame on you Elvis :lol: (joking of course)

Haven't unzipped the level yet, but I will do so next week and see what it is all about.
Will keep it on my HD so you can have a peek yourself :wink:

But thanks dmdibl, I found it :)
Oops, I did it again... Image

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Re: Boris Samoilenko - Lara Croft Returns (TR3)

Post by SuzanneJack » 21 Jun 2017 19:18

I got all the way to Way of Natla and lit a flare. The flare was her head and when I tried to throw it down the game crashed :bigcry: None of my saves work either :bigcry: Is there a fix for this?

I got an old save to work but it's all screwed up now. If I try inventory she turns in to a white bubble and it shows how much I have in inventory, but nothing shows except the watch and pistols and she can't do anything now. Was really liking these levels. :(
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