IMPORTANT: For all forum visitors

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IMPORTANT: For all forum visitors

Post by eTux » 07 May 2005 22:26

Hello there, fellow raiders!

In order to keep things tidy in this part of the forum and ease the search for answers to other visitors, I'd entice anyone to follow the few, simple rules listed below:

1) Keep all questions related to one level in one thread or its continuation. Please don't open any new threads for the specific level if one exists already. If you're not sure whether discussions for the level you're stuck in exist - use the search function to find out. This way all questions and answers related to a specific level are kept in the same thread.

2) If you're playing a level series, please open a new thread for each new level if you're stuck. Don't discuss all levels in the same thread - if the level series has 20 levels, it's pretty hopeless to search for answers of a specific place in level 10 in a most likely long and cluttered thread for the whole series.

The only exception from this rule is if 1 level actually consists of 2 or 3 'levels' or parts, that are named exactly the same (for example the Flying temple - 2 parts, 4 statues (The Forgotten City of Sanus 3) - 3 parts) - for clarity's sake, the questions concerning those can be kept in the same threads.

Also - needless to say - don't exaggerate with off topic stuff here - as we have have the Chat forum for that :wink:

Thank you!

[Addition from Sutekh]

If you have asked a question and found the solution by yourself before getting any answer please post what you found. A "Never mind, found it." can be really frustrating for those in search of a solution... ;)

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Post by Sutekh » 28 Nov 2005 14:36

How to post a screenshot

Step 1: Take the screenshot

There are several ways to do this:

1. Use the internal TR screenshot feature.

Depending on your keyboard configuration (varies from country to country) , there is a key that allows you to take in-game screenshots. It's located on the second row of letters, close to the "Enter" key. Screenshots will be saved in your inventory as ".tga" files.

Note that with most recent graphic cards, you'll have to set the game to be in 16 bits instead of 32 bits for them to properly work.

2. Use the PrntScrn key while in-game

It will put the screenshot in the clipboard.

3. Use FRAPS

(Thanks Moonpooka for the tip)

It will save screenshots in .jpg format in your inventory.

For the Mac users:

(thanks to Gerty)

Apple + Shift + 3 (whole page)
Apple + Shift + 4 (you can select a certain part from like say a desktop picture, not selecting a certain part of a screeny from TR)

Open it through preview and save it through File=>Export into a JPG if you want.

There seems to be a problem with the Apple+Shift+3 where Lara sometimes draws her guns and jumps. Some people say: first the Apple key than the two others, while others claims all three at the same time.

Step 2: Make the screenshot "postable"

You now need to convert/save your screenie in a postable format, namely jpg. You also need to resize it so it's not too big, fits in a post and doesn't make the thread load too slowly.

Without needing to quit the game, hit the Start key or if you don't have one Ctrl+Esc on your keyboard to shift to desktop then launch any paint program you'd have installed on your computer such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint or the excellent and free IrfanView.

Either load the .tga or .jpg file or paste the clipboard content into the paint software. Resize it (use the "resample" feature for better quality) then save it as a .jpg file.

Step 3: Upload the screenshot

You can't link the picture directly from your computer it first needs to be hosted somewhere on the Internet. There are several free hosts out there such as ImageShack or PhotoBucket

Step 4: Post it!
Use the [IMG] tag. For instance, if your pic link is the tags should look like:

Code: Select all

And voilà!

Useful links in a nutshell:

- Taking screenies: FRAPS
- Converting/Resizing: IrfanView.
- Uploading: ImageShack, PhotoBucket

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Post by Sutekh » 05 Mar 2006 11:36


Thanks to Tinka and her incredible and swift work, you can now attach a file in your post, thus making it available for download.

Concerned files are:

- TR savegames
- Images (.gif .jpeg .jpg .png .tga .tif)
- Text files (.c .cpp .diz .h .hpp .txt)

Only 1 attachment per post, and limited to a size of 128kb

How to proceed:

- When writing your post, click on the "Browse" button next to the "Filename" text field
- Pick the file on your hard drive
- Add a comment if needed in the "File comment" text field
- Click "Add Attachment" and voilà!

Note that said attachments are submitted to the same general rules applied in this board regarding their content, so any inappropriate stuff will be removed.
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Re: IMPORTANT: For all forum visitors

Post by Gerty » 20 May 2012 21:43

A big thank you to Michael.

The size for savegames is increased to 500 kb.
Oops, I did it again... Image


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