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Problem With A Level

Post by High Priestess » 18 Jun 2019 03:34

Hello all,

Oh what a shame. Having never completed "Lara at the Movies" I decided to try again and stick with it. Ordinarily I got through the theatre part and would enter (by coincidence), The Blair Witch movie area. This time I started afresh and ended up in the Twelve Monkeys section. I completed a fair portion of it but there's a part whereby it reloads as Lara comes into a different segment with some customary snow and a few crates after she's collected the blue gem and the yellow fuse. The game crashes the moment I attempt to head over the crates and my taskbar also disappears. Is this a known glitch? I am unsure as to how I can complete this level set and I cannot recall which cinema room that Twelve Monkeys was in either. I've tried three times now and it just throws me back to the desktop.

I was referring to a video walkthrough by Doggett and his game seems to run OK so I recognise that this isn't an end trigger for this particular level. I have really wanted to complete and review this level set and don't understand how to continue unless I refer to an earlier theatre save and try another cinema room but it would ultimately lead to an unfair review if I don't play all sets!

Thanks for any advice :2thumbsup:

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