Shattered Ties level - display problem

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Shattered Ties level - display problem

Post by PolishRaider » 04 May 2018 20:56

Hello, guys

I would like to get some help with that custom level. The thing is that the diary pages do not display in game and I get only black screen. It hampers progression later in the game. I wonder if you could provide me some tips or solution regarding graphic settings so that I can avoid similar issues in the future.
I am running Win7 64 bits and it is the first time I experienced that issue in any custom level.

To further clarify that problem I want to add that it must be somehow connected with the Tomb_NextGeneration.dll file. The version provided by the author causes up several problems. The pistol is missing completely, diary does not display, but there is custom music playing and extra animations.
I replaced that file with a version and there was pistol, diary displayed correctly but custom music did not play and one of the initial gameplay moments moment went Lara pushes the crate to make the rubble collapse and break through the floor did not trigger.

As I am quite green to technical aspect of level building I really would like to get some tips. I simply unzip all my levels and play them always off the bat, without patching or updating anything.

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Re: Shattered Ties level - display problem

Post by LoreRaider » 10 Jun 2018 10:29

Pistols aren't there because the builder removed them in the beginning of the game, so it's right like this, also looks like that switching .dll files from newer to older and vice versa is the worst thing you can do, since you mess up a lost of stuff in the game

Could you provide a screenshot with your setup settings? So to see if there's something wrong with them? :)

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