How to run trle level under Win7 64bit

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Re: How to run trle level under Win7 64bit

Post by jeff sadler » 02 Aug 2018 12:15

I used the Win 7 64 Bit System and found my levels I had worked on had disappear.
and playing custom level some times the doors do not open, in game.
The levels had been put in what I call the cookies jar, in an hidden file.
This made using the win 7 64 Bit system a nightmare for custom level building.
So I got a mount that allow me to change my hard drive.
So now I use the win XP for TR Custom levels, and can change to win 7 just by changing the hard drive.
The fail to load DX, I found using the set up option in the Level Editor game, would solve this problem, however coping the new custom level files into the level editor game can also allow you to play the game, I have my working level editor and a second loaded for custom game play.
I have also now got an Linux drive that using the Wine software, I can play TR custom levels now on Linux system, however the lighting in game is set to full on.
Happy raiding Jeff Sadler

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