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Templars Secret Technical Issues

Post by Chel » 25 Aug 2017 21:57

Hello all.

I am trying to get this level going on my Windows 7 machine, which I have used to play all the custom levels here without issue. However, this particular level set, for some reason has no audio whatsoever, and altering the resolution settings causes the game to crash when I attempt to open the passport to save the game.
Did any of you also have this problem? I've combed through the settings and can find no cause there. I've played plenty of TR3 levels with no problems so I'm completely stumped! The game looks to be a ton of fun and I hate to miss out!

Forgot this was here! My issue was that the config text file had a value of 0 next to sound. Changed that to 1, saved the .txt and then ran the setup to adjust resolution at launch instead of doing that in-game. This only happens to me with TR3 levels, and only the multi-level sets. Leaving this here in case someone else has this wacky issue. Might save them some frustration.

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