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Help With Profile Pic Specs

Post by High Priestess » 21 Jun 2017 05:50


Judging by the specifications regarding size, pixels et al, I had a pal make a pic of the correct dimensions to introduce my ACTUAL profile/face but it STILL won't work! I no longer have external upload areas so can I e-mail a pic over to a member or moderator please? In fact I would like to send a couple so I can have a change once in a while! I have had the default avatars for so long and feel like I am invisible lol :lol:

Thanks very much. :)

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Re: Help With Profile Pic Specs

Post by Treeble » 23 Jun 2017 01:13

As long as it's an image up to 150x120 pixels, you should be fine. I think the 6kb limit is only valid if you're trying to use the avatar uploader, but if you use "Remote Avatar" and then paste in the image link, you should get away with bigger files (for reference, my avatar is 22kb).

I'd recommend uploading your desired avatar to, then copy and paste the direct link (second option) in the profile settings. :)

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