TR4 & Ultrawide Resoltuion

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TR4 & Ultrawide Resoltuion

Post by thestig » 01 Mar 2017 01:05

Hi folks

I've recently taken delivery of a Ultrawide (21:9) 3440x1440 display. Unfortunately I quickly realised (as I'd also discovered in my 4k laptop), that the TR4 engine struggles to cope with anything much above full HD resolution of 1920x1080, often resulting in a failed to set-up direct x message.

Anyway after some experimentation I managed to use the dgvoodo2 wrapper to get TR4 to run at 3440x1440, and also successfully used the widescreen patcher from to manually set the camera distance & aspect ratio to work when playing Alphonse's Zipangu.

Unfortunately the patcher doesn't appear to work on the newer exe that's bundled with Owin's -ThePalatiumOfAnkh, with my camera distances & aspect ratio's remaining unchanged. It does appear to recognise the ultrawide aspect ratio fine, but it's far too closely zoomed in on Lara. Does anyone know if any camera adjustment ins possible in the later version of the engine?



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