Disable annoying mouseover pop-ups in windows os

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Disable annoying mouseover pop-ups in windows os

Post by sprysiazni » 19 May 2016 18:40

go to start

go to run

type in REGEDIT
this opens registry editor

click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Control Panel --> Mouse

change to 0 on both values
MouseHoverHeight --> 0
MouseHoverWidth --> 0

then change
MouseHoverTime --> big number (e.g. 40 000)

thats it,now no more popups when mouse hovers over anything on your screen.

this works perfect for win xp pro sp3 32bit os
should work as well for win 7 and 8 maybe on win10,since i dont have 10 cant say for sure.

Note: This is not my solution,but found it on internet,thank you to original author.
Note1: After you make the change in registry you need to open folders or launch icons by right click on it and click open,this is the drawback,the extra step of open to launch.
I have screenshots step by step from start to finish for anyone who may need additional help on this,just pm me and i'll send them to you.best regards: steve

Note3: It really,really does work. :)
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