Playing trle levels on android

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Re: Playing trle levels on android

Post by madtong » 18 Apr 2015 23:13

Polo_Gard wrote:Where have you found a WinXP emulator? Even if you'd install WinXP on an Android phone (not emulate it), you'd still need to deal with touch controls. So from a really basic perspective -- no.
Finding a way to install a winxp or emulate it is the big problem indeed ! Controls are not a problem if you find a joystick for Android, there's some very nice on the market :)

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Re: Playing trle levels on android

Post by Polo_Gard » 19 Apr 2015 14:00

What about DirectX? Android is based on the Linux kernel, which supports OpenGL only. And that's why emulating Windows wouldn't propably give you any interesting results. And if you'd want to install Windows, you'd need a proper processor for that, which isn't found too frequently in smartphones (in tablets, yes). And even then I doubt that connecting a bluetooth gamepad or the usb one would be any easy, as Windows might not recognize bluetooth/usb controllers in your device at first (I underlined these two so you don't confuse them together). So yeah, getting your phone to run any custom level would be pretty hard, but it surely isn't impossible. Perhaps you should ask Square for some advices and then develop a converter of some kind :D

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