Windowed mode in windows 8

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Re: Windowed mode in windows 8

Post by _Kat » 17 Jun 2017 10:08

Thanks for all replies and I'm sorry I haven't answered earlier. Unfortunately none of the suggestions worked, but it seems I found solution for my problems: ... order-fix/

After installation of the patch, all customs and classics are running perfectly in fullscreen mode. Furthermore, it seems it even improved framerate a little. Major FPS drops I mentioned before, were propably somehow related to this windowed mode issue.

I'm leaving this here in case if someone is experiencing the same problem :)

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Re: Windowed mode in windows 8

Post by vimmers » 17 Jun 2017 14:54

you said in earlier post that u bought a laptop in 2016 with
Asus with Intel Core i3-5005, 8GB RAM, GeForce 920 and Windows 8.1
what i don't understand why you haven't upgraded to win 10

cos everyone know that win 8 and even win vista vas crap
i used to have a good machine with win 7
but now have a cheap laptop with win 10
and it runs more and less all newer tr games smoothly
there can be lag but i also had that on my high end gaming pc

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