Crash Problem,when using wad files! (Edit SOLVED)!

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Crash Problem,when using wad files! (Edit SOLVED)!

Post by nikos » 16 Sep 2012 18:12

I didn't have any problem,at past years when i play old levels converting wad files to tr4
Yesterday i try to do it,using wads,from agnes-khal level,andDNF Productions russia episode 2!
When i click on tomb4.exe,it start loading,but immidiately crashes!
I have XP-SP3 ,i do a fresh instalment in a different folder,i use xp patch as usual,but...

EDIT ,My mistake
I convert the wads,in the file of the level!
I forgot to put them in graphics/wad file,of the instalation folder,so the convertion in tr4 was wrong! :lol:

the day i can't play TR3 on my pc i will stop to play games!

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