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Post by snork » 07 Dec 2007 20:17


Two days ago I decided to switch to Opera as browser and it has some trouble with this forum.

It has something to do with being logged in or not.
When I try to post a reply but the logged-in timed out Opera goes hung up.
I can still close the browser, restart it with crashed session loaded, log in and post, but what I was trying to write is gone :-P
(yes Magnus, that may be seen as a good thing by You, I know )

(firefox kept the written text when it crashed which happened only once in a long while)

It also happens in some other situations but I think it has always to do with logged in or not ...

Does someone know a quick solution ?

I asked about my (several) troubles at opera's support forums but it will take a while until I understand all that - lots of reading and growing accustomed to different behaviour ... :roll:

For now I have a second browser up (Firefox) just for and for, with which I have even worse problems in Opera.

So long - snork :wink:
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