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Re: Reviews and level concept

Post by Talos » 17 Dec 2019 15:41

Thanks for the reply :D :2thumbsup:
Mulf wrote:
17 Dec 2019 15:08
There is no problem. The sentence of which you quoted the first half contrasts your level with those that sport the TR Search grab back look, and is in fact a compliment, not a criticism. This seems to be a case where something got lost in translation.
There is no need to educate me about the benefits of TRSearch, because believe it or not, I've been using it myself for a couple of years. Such issues as I had with your choice of textures or objects I have explicitly stated in my review.
Unfortunately translators do not always translate well, and my English is not very high.

Actually I used both Trsearch and LLB, along with some textures taken from Rise (the cross tile). I had several difficulties creating the set, because Rise is very big, so I had to create many "themed" textures. Byzantine theme and Russian theme, within the limits of my abilities, of course

Fair enough. But whether submerged in water or frozen in ice, the place does hold up remarkably well. It does explain the static cats though, I guess, sort of.
Cats are "static" because unfortunately I had problems with sounds (also the sfx of Lara, in fact ... I tried to change them but they disappeared! :-o ), and if I activated them they created horrible sounds. So I preferred to leave them "static".
In the game everything is submerged by ice, and not submerged in water as in the original myth (and Lara is convinced that Kitezh is under the waters of the Svetlojar, in fact)

Again, fair enough. I didn't spot those.
I admit that I prefer not to include "real" religious symbols in the levels, but the crosses were suitable for gameplay. I have slightly modified them. The Orthodox ones are on the roofs of the domes, but they are not very visible.

The first part of this I don't understand, so I just let it stand as it is. For the rest, you can call it poetic licence, but I think the otherwise historical setting clashes with the FF-style aesthetic, and not in a good way. But each to their own. :)
The Lara of the level is not mine, she is from Axelia (whom I thank again!), And she is inspired by the model of the game, which is not like a cartoon like the old ones. Maybe that's why it seems "different" to the other characters. :D
I'm not objecting to their name as such. The problem is that the name, combined with the apparent lack of effect that explosive arrows have on them, may mislead players to think they can't be killed.
Because I used the base of the horseman, which is very powerful. Actually I used the TRChronicles gladiator. I could have used the baddy, but it behaves differently and didn't respect the original Deathless Ones. Even in Rise they seem invincible ahahha XD but fortunately you can use the arrows with Greek fire and grenades :D

But why did you use such a blurry version of it, then? And waste four room textures on it?
If I inserted it too big it would have filled the whole room. Actually I wanted a Byzantine one, but I didn't find it. the others I found that I found were ugly, I didn't like it very much. Then I found this one, which had posted Crystal Dynamics and which I saw at a craft exhibition at the Russian stand.

Very well. I'd have to take Rise 101 then in order to fully appreciate your level. That's not going to happen, though. Again: each to their own. :)
I think you should watch it, you might like it: D I was very skeptical when it came out, but I changed my mind. :D

Bybye, happy Xmas! :2thumbsup:

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