Basic guidelines for the right use of this forum

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Basic guidelines for the right use of this forum

Post by Raymond » 21 Jul 2009 21:57

Here are my basic guidlines for the users of this forums. My fellow mods are invited to comment on this and share there point of views. :)
1. This forum is aimed to raise the quality of reviewing and thereby to help the growth of the level builders.
2. Always remember your subjectivity. There is nothing possible like "objectivity". All is entirely a subjective matter. So handle the point of views shared here and the persons sharing it with respect. There is absolutely no justification for attacking, putting down others and related stuff. So I don´t want to see anything of this here.
3. Be expressive of your point of views and feelings. But really share them as your views and feeling. Don´t go in a blaming, complaining or attacking mode against the other.
4. Let the other know, that you have heard their point of views. If the emotional waves go high, breath through first and calm down a bit. Don´t forget to feel the other.
5. This is a forum to share views and feelings. There is no superiority game to be played. Don´t use irony and sarkasm too much, which usually play on this. Humor is always welcome!
6. I think, threads should be oriented to three basic areas of reviewing:
- to a certain review by a reviewer
- about the reviewing style of a certain reviewer
- to a cetain topic of reviewing (how to handle the difficulty of the level, review categories, ...)
7. Share your views as well founded and precise as possible. Use screenshots and whatever helps this.

So everyone is invited to use this forum in a productive way. I`ll try to hold on the above guidlines as much as possible.
The forum is opened for posts. :)


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