Issues I find with "Stuck in a custom level"


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Issues I find with "Stuck in a custom level"

Post by MikeTheAardvark » 23 Feb 2017 14:11

Basically it is very difficult to find the correct topic(s) especially if the level(s) in question are a year or more old.

Before the 'hack' I am sure that there were options to sort the posts (i.e on topic title) which made it some what easier to find what one was looking for as there was some sort of understandable order. Now is seems that reverse chronological is all you get.

I have tried the search in the past but this seems to ignore any "Stuck" posts. Even when I search for a post that I *know* is there.
I had to resort to Google's 'site:' option but that is still sometimes a bit hit and miss.

Note that in case sort or search are restricted if not logged in, please be assured that I did log in to verify this.

BTW, I am happy that you got the site restored so quickly.
As has been said may times, trle net is vital to the TRLE comunity of players and builders. Thank you.

Cheers, Mike

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Re: Issues I find with "Stuck in a custom level"

Post by vimmers » 23 Feb 2017 16:24

first click on advanced search
on the bottom you can set it to search topic
if its a newer level up to 2 or 3 years i think
its best to search on the author there build the level like Alphonse or Gabriel Croft.
rgs vimmers
hit f5 often in the forum

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