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Re: Easter Class

Post by JesseG » 14 May 2012 23:58

I was thinking about this whole tag idea when I was on youtube. I'm wondering, why not let the authors submit tags for themselves? I know, the older levels will be unaccounted for, in which case I'd suggest turning the category into a single tag for the level. Author-based tags avoids any tag warfare the players might cause (I know Michael would pre-screen them either way, but I do not underestimate the power of mis-communication) and it gives raiders a good glance at what the author feels their own level is about, and that would be more useful imo - there are more than enough ways to find others' reactions to a release (reviews, ratings, chat threads, stuck threads, even walkthroughs). So I say if we're going for a tag system, give the authors (and admin) total control over it.

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Re: Easter Class

Post by snork » 18 Mar 2013 17:17

mugs wrote:This discussion has been a real eye-opener for me. I didn't realize that so many people search for such very specific things before playing a game.
I guess it is mostly useful for players that did not play that many levels yet, yet enough to have learnt the categories system.
Because of the extreme amount of (unplayed) games, I can allow myself the luxury to go and choose - "I want to explore some jungles" or "I wanna SHOOT! someone" or whatever. So I also do not mind in the least there being castegories being a mix of place, WAD, or gameplay.
And I guess if I was a newbie I'd want to start in the Hall of Fame and play the best of the best! ok. that's my 2 cents worth.
Hm, maybe. I still think for players like me back then, with only one classic official game as a background, it may be a good idea to first acquire some more raiding skills - as not being up to it could/ would have "ruined" this or that masterpiece for me.
Categorise this! :
Castle Cain - Shooter, Joke or Castle?
Himalayan Mysteries - Alien, Cold/Snowy, Tibet or Cave/Cat?
sure, easy task - 1) category: Cain and 2 ) category : Titak. :D :beatnik:

overall, I don't think the categories really need to be upgraded so that they would be able to fulfil each and every super-special case. Any such hypothetical tagging feature would probably a very neat and useful addition, but the categories themselves, I really need not for them to be super-finegrained. It is already a pretty long dropdown list, at zoomfactor 100% to me it is >2 "pages" of scrolling, at zoom factor 150% it is > 3 "pages".

And imo. anything category/ class, or maybe also some future tagging may not provide all and everything, not what other means could do.
For example user/player-generated listings, resp. a collection of those.
- Games not being a train level, but featuring a train level.
- Games that contain a player tutorial - basic things, new moves, and such.
- Games outside of Xmas/ Easter / Kids that are mostly peaceful (no shooting living beings, or such)
- Games without Lara Croft
- featuring sunken ships
- etc. etc. whatever someone may come up with.

It could even be very organised, even here in these forums maybe, if someone was willing to take the task.
E.g. DJ_Full, seemingly never being fully occupied :wink: :D , opening "the" central topic, the 1st post explaining the idea, and else containing only direct jump links to following posts, those being the lists that users come up with. (roughly along the idea of the walkthrough index topics)

Such lists could be distinguished between community-discussed lists - e.g. to really catch every game that features a train level - and on the other hand totally subjective lists made by individual players.
Iit would then be up to the reader whose subjective list they want to take as an inspiration.

- Raymond's list of levels that are definitely too difficult : 0 :D
- snork's list of levels that he could not finish due to snork being a bad driver/ the game featuring insane vehicle tracks.
- Phil's list of levels that are too dark 8)
- Gerty's list of levels suitable for beginners

and so on. With the subjective one-user-made lists you could that way also have lists where there could never be complete agreement in the community - difficulty, darkness, and such stuff.

Just an idea that popped up on me.
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Re: Easter Class

Post by EssGee » 29 Mar 2013 10:52

Gee... a small discussion about Easter class grows into the whole categories/tags discussion again.
I think I'll put my two cents in simple terms.
Re Joke/test levels. I don't like the idea of combining them. Yes the 'one idea' concept binds them ok for short one-shot joke levels, but comedy levels which are full levels with multiple ideas such as TR Rude & Crude, Simply Purple and Tim's Balloons level don't sit so well in this pigeon hole.
Following the suggested tree system could work, where you might have a general category something like 'Experimental' with subgroups - Joke, Comedy, Test, and maybe even Demo. Although I think Demo is better as an outright category.

Re tags and categories : Well I'll use a couple of my own as an example:
Beyond the Scion - NC = meaningless
Beyond the Scion - category MLA (multi-location adventure) ; tags - Atlantis, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Congo
That says all the information that I would want to convey to a potential player.
But other general tags that could be applied here would be for example: TRep, jungle, temples, kayak, guide

Coyote Creek 2 - currently - Wild West
But wouldn't this be more descriptive - category - MLA; tags - Wild West; Alien; Canyon; Caves
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Re: Easter Class

Post by Horus » 29 Mar 2013 11:19

Combining joke and test level categories is not a good idea as joke and test levels have completely different points.

Test level - mostly levels that show/test a certain effect or feature, most of them probably not meant to be taken as a custom game anyway.
Joke level - mostly levels that try to make a certain point, possibly a self-reflective statement of the builder or made with intent of fooling the player, levels that don't fit the traditional gameplay and expectations of tr custom games.

edit: actually why the hell is TR Crazy listed as nc instead of Joke? That is one of the greatest joke/conceptual levels I have ever seen! :balloon:

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Re: Easter Class

Post by DJ Full » 29 Mar 2013 22:18

Horus wrote:why the hell is TR Crazy listed as nc instead of Joke?
Possibly for the same reason as TR Transplantation. One day I realized no-one even asked me which class I want my level to fall in. It simply got "nc", even though it's a pure joke and I forgot to point that out. Now You raised a similar topic and reminded me of that, thank You :)
snork wrote:I guess if I was a newbie I'd want to start in the Hall of Fame and play the best of the best!
That's not applicable to all players. My first was Sanctuary of WIF, and right after that The Fatal Death Trap followed. I love both ends of the list. The worst fate is beared by those levels which get ratings from 4 to 6. Not many people care about them, for everyone rather wants to know why a game is so good or why a game is so bad. So those middle-rated would require EXTREME care and PRECISE tagging if such ever occurs, because if we imagine some of them without numerous flaws they suffer from, we will clearly see they're great. Naming what people want could help those unfortunate productions be found. And maybe this is exactly a category which I would propose: "Masked Talent".
It could even be very organised, even here in these forums maybe, if someone was willing to take the task. E.g. DJ_Full, seemingly never being fully occupied :wink:
But I can't code! There's NO WAY I could be able to design a tag tree or a tagging system!
Castle Cain - Shooter, Joke or Castle?
Himalayan Mysteries - Alien, Cold/Snowy, Tibet or Cave/Cat?
Alien. This is the primary goal, but if classified like this, many new users unfamiliar to Titia would instantly have the hugest spoiler ever.

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