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Post by mugs » 29 Nov 2005 23:04

We would like to welcome you to We encourage you to check out the various forums.
We also encourage you (old and new members alike) to review the new rules.

Let us all agree that the most important thing that we can do as members of the is to preserve the intent with which this website was created:

We are here to provide a forum that promotes the enjoyment of the Tomb Raider experience. We are here to provide an environment that furnishes custom game-builders with the necessary tools, comraderie, and support. We are here to provide access to the very best minds regarding in-game challenges. And, we are here to provide forums for discussions of sundry topics of interest to forum members.

Spirited discussions are welcome ! Personal or hurtful attacks are out. The Administrators of this site intend to take an active role in monitoring the site's daily activities. If, after discussion with the appropriate Moderator(s), Administration feels that a discussion should be shut down, we will do it. We will remind our members of why this site exists. If certain members insist on abusing their membership, we will enforce a "3 Strikes, You're Out" policy. The details of this policy are as follows:

1) Strike One : The member is given a warning in writing from Administration.

2) Strike Two : The member is given a one week cooling-off ban from the site.

3) Strike Three: Membership is revoked.

There are currently two offenses that are subject to immediate banishment: if a member is found to have ripped an object or texture from a custom level without permission from the builder with the intention of releasing the item on the net as your own or illegally gains access to an upload site for the purpose of playing a game prior to it's official release.

We want, most of all, for you and your families to have a fun time while you visit your site and, of course, play the games. Now, let's go raid a few tombs !!

Your Administrators:

Catherin (Tinka)
Pat (Mugs)
Anders (QRS)

Your Moderators:

Elvis (Etux)
Gerty (Gerty)
Ian (MarksDad)
Michael P. (MichaelP)
Phil (PDLambeth)
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