Modify savegame of swinging-compass version can be done now

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Modify savegame of swinging-compass version can be done now

Post by scottchu » 12 Jan 2017 08:50

New tomb4.exe (file size = 776 bytes) will always swing compass so that one can't make it face north to do some cheat-code modification. Sometimes, the modification is for good-will, like I want to do this for my cousins so he/she can play some good-but-kinda-hard games with some advantages (to keep the fun, of course). But I can't find the answer for a long time even some people here told me maybe climbing some blocks in the game can make compass face north steadily, cause I never find such blocks in some games I'd like my cousins to play with.

Recently, this situation comes to me again cause kids of a friend have silimar requests. Luckily I find a way to do the modification successfully this time for the savegame files from this 776-byte-version tomb4.exe. To prove it, see the screenshot of Lara carrying grenade gun in very beginning woods area of 'Sapphire Hunt' game level.

If somebody has some new savegame editor for such version. Pls. share it with me. Before that, I'll use my hack-way to modify savegame though it's kinda of tedious process.
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