Problem with switch animation.

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Problem with switch animation.

Post by Colin_B » 21 Jun 2014 04:31

I'm having people try out my level prior to releasing it and they say that Lara does the floor lever switch animation for my wall buttons. What's causing Lara do do the incorrect animation and how do I fix it? (When I play she pushes her hand down the switch and there's no problem.)

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Re: Problem with switch animation.

Post by Titak » 22 Jun 2014 11:49

Did you give your betatesters the .tr4 files or the wadfiles?
Because if you gave them the .tr4 files, it is really odd that this happens.
If you gave the wadfiles for the testers to convert themselves, then perhaps it is a setting in the Switch Manager that got messed up somehow. :thinking:
Still weird though and not very likely... just thinking outloud here...

Also, are you sure you gave the testers the proper files?
It's not unheard of that people make mistakes and give their testers older files. :-P
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