boat from Natla's Mines in DXTRE3d ...HELP

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boat from Natla's Mines in DXTRE3d ...HELP

Post by JackRaider » 23 Mar 2014 19:09

I'm using that boat platform from Natla's mines and I'm trying to get it to move closer to a platform when activated by a switch. Here is a visual I drew up in paint to demonstrate what I'm trying to achieve;

1. Lara Pulls Switch
2. Boat platform moves closer to platform 1
3. Lara is now able to get on platform 1
4. Lara can now reach platform 2 from platform 1 by doing a running jump


I'm using DXTRE 3d and I need to know how to trigger this and how far to place boat from platform 1. In other words, how many blocks does the boat go to when activated?
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