TRviewer 3ds format for TR1 models

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TRviewer 3ds format for TR1 models

Post by JackRaider » 09 Mar 2014 02:51

Hello. I'm trying to edit Lara's head mesh from a TR1 level (phd) and here is my problem.

I'm using TRVIEWER which imports/exports into 3ds format, but I am using Maya 2014 and I found a 3ds importer, but have had no luck finding a 3ds exporter. I've tried Blender and no luck with that. Also, Meta as these features, but only with registered version. I'm just looking for a plug in or free 3d app that will import the 3ds file and also export that file.

Also, I have tried PixSTR, which does DXF, but the program keeps getting spammed with error pop ups every time I try to open a this alternative does not work. If all comes to worse if anyone knows of another program that can import/export TR1 models into a 3d program than please bring it to my attention! I have a headache I've spent the last hour and half googling "3ds plugin" "Maya" "export" ... "DXF export/import" and I just keep running in circles.
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