Unofficial level editor questions...

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Unofficial level editor questions...

Post by JackRaider » 06 Mar 2014 04:59

I'm curious about the unofficial level editor by Turbo. I'm trying to make levels with TR1, but I have some questions...

I asked these questions over at, but I'm going to ask them here as well. I'm curious about TR1 level building and have a ton of questions.

-Are TR1 custom levels compatible with glidos? And can I take advantage of high resolution textures (TRXtra) with my TR1 custom levels? Also, with TRXtra is it possible to edit the 2D sprites of water splash, blood, and fire, etc? And for fire sprites (TR1) how do I set them in a level where they are not timed, but used as decoration for torches?

- What are the limitations of custom object usage in TR1 engine? Vagrant has used some nice custom objects in the his custom TR1 levels.

- Will TR1 engine allow me to bring in weapons from TR2-TR4 such as the M16 or crowbow(replace with maybe the shotgun slot)?

-What are the AI commands for TR1 enemies? I'm assuming that AI commands in TR4 don't apply? Is it possible to do AI commands for stealth, guarding, etc with TR1 similar to TR4/5?

-Why doesn't the lighting in a shadowy lit room reflect on Lara properly with DXTRE3d? For example I set Lara's light to 31 and she appears dark and shady, but the lighting on her model doesn't reflect the light in the room. She stays one shade always (whether she is bright, shaded/shadowy, etc). Is this a limitation with TR1 or DXTRE3d? I've seen videos/ screens of TR I and it seems light in a room reflect onto Lara's model accurately (not as good as TR4, but still).

- Is it possible to make my own TR1 cutscenes? Or for example, have a FMV (video file) trigger after a level before the next level starts?

-What are the texture limitations in DXTRE3d? I know NGLE allows for unlimited textures (or almost).

-Lastly, I noticed in Vagrants levels that cages/staircase railings aren't transparent and where it ought to be is instead just a solid black color. Is this a transparency flaw within Turbos editor?
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