"Ordered" switches for a door

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"Ordered" switches for a door

Post by Roli » 20 May 2012 22:11

Hey all! :)

Plase help me, if you can, I'm a bit embarrassed about the following '"puzzle", because never did before, and don't have any idea how to manage it. :anxious:

So, I have 3 switches, and one door. I'd like to use those switches in order, I mean for example: first pull the 2nd switch, then pull the 3rd swith, and the 1st at last. Then the door would be opened. And maybe reseting the switch, if the order is incorrect.

I don't know if its possible, but I think I saw this method on some levels, if I remember well?! :idea:

Thank you! :D

Ps. already tried with the sequenced switches and door(s), but no luck. :(

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Re: "Ordered" switches for a door

Post by Mytly » 21 May 2012 11:34

Hi Roli! It's my understanding that this is exactly what sequence switches are for, so I'm not sure why they don't work. However, I've never used them, so I don't have any advice on that front.

Are you using TRNG? If so, this might be possible using some advanced features of TRNG, but I don't know enough about TRNG to give you a better description at the moment (I'm not on my Level Editing PC).

If you're not using TRNG, then there is a way to achieve what you want using the good old boulder trick. I'd rather not give a detailed description, since I want to use this method for a puzzle in my own level. :wink: But I'm sure you can work it out based on the following hints: use the boulder trick with doors or raising blocks that can divert the boulders onto a trigger or antitrigger for the door you need to open. For example, if you raise a block, the boulder rolls down a slope with the trigger, and if you don't raise it, the boulder rolls down a slope with the antitrigger. Then it's just a matter of working out which switch should raise which combination of blocks and release which boulder - a relatively simple switch puzzle. :)

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Re: "Ordered" switches for a door

Post by QRS » 21 May 2012 12:41

I would suggest trying to learn the sequence puzzle. I have forgotten the setup myself as I have not used it since Egypt & Beyond 1 back in 2005. There are many good tutorials for it though and it will do the job if you set it up as it should. :angel:

Best way is to learn the setups from the original tr4 level and when you know and understand all the hardcoded things you can try to l make your own version so to speak. You can also check out the Egyptian dream tutorial by MagPlus.
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Re: "Ordered" switches for a door

Post by Raymond » 21 May 2012 15:59

Easy to setup it with the TRNg, if you know the basics about variables, GT`s and how to work with conditions to make a resetable switch work.
1. Basic Idea
With each switch you add one to a choosen common variable. So if all three switch are pulled, the variable value is three and you can use this as a condition in a Gloabal Trigger (GT) to open the door.
2. Right order
But we have to consider, how we get the right norder, of the switches. Here conditions come into play. No problem about the first switch. The second switch shoulod be add 1 only, if the first switch is already pulled. This means, that the variable value is already one. So you use this as a condition. Obviuosly for the third switch the condition to use, that the variable value is already 2.
3. Resetability
This is another factor of complexity. For the first you don´t need to work with a condition. For the second: If the second switch is already pulled rightly, the variable value is two. So for the reset you have to substract 1 form the variable, if it´s value is 2. And for the third switch you need to substract 1, if the variable value is already 3 (Ok, this is more thearetical, because presumbly nobody would reset the switch, because the door had opened before. But nevertheless, we wan´t to do rightly.
How to setup the switches: You need to place a switch trigger for each switch, so that Lara is able to reset it.
A resetable switch resets the placed trigger only for object and flipmap-triggers. For the other new triggers you have to set it up in your own special triggergroup (TG) (see also the NG_Center-reference for the new switches-OCB). You use here as conditions the state-ID´s of the switches, generally 1 for pulled and 0 for unpulled. You have to check it out for your switch.
So the TG for the second switch (which you trigger below this switch) looks like this:
Triggergroup= ID; condition, that the variable value is 1; condition, that the second switch has state-ID 1, add one to variable; else if (use TG_ELSE-flag here) variable value is two; the state-ID of the switch is 0; substract 1 from the variable
You export the right triggers with there values into this TG.

So you see, this is really easy stuff... as soon as you have understood the basics of the TRNG. :D

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Re: "Ordered" switches for a door

Post by bedazzled » 22 May 2012 12:14

I wrote a tutorial on using the sequence switches with the original editor but apparently it was never transferred when George put all the tutorials into the TRNG manual on Skribblerz. So unless someone has a copy it's been lost now.
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Re: "Ordered" switches for a door

Post by Fluen » 23 May 2012 12:38

I imagine two possibilities:

1. Use the sequence switches and have two doors - and four others hidden. One door opens, if the order of the switches is correct, the other if the order of the switches is incorrect.
I have examined setup for sequence switches and am ready to help you through it.

2. Use three small rooms - one for each switch - and three flipmaps.
I once made it work with four blocks Lara had to stand on in a certain order. Let me look into it. Then I will upload a tiny project with the three switches.

If you use TRNG, Aky is working on a tutorial on how to set up ordered switches.

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