How to change enemy HP using TREP and Script2?

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How to change enemy HP using TREP and Script2?

Post by Clara » 30 Aug 2010 21:30

Hi, everyone!
I use TREP and Script2 and activated the custom patch "Scripted parameters: Episodes I/II/III" which means that almost everything must be run by script2 now.
I want to change the Baboon's HP into 42152, the Guide's HP (so that Lara won't point her guns at it anymore).
As long as I had changed the HP using the enemy-button in the TREP window, everything worked fine. But because of other reasons I have to use script2 now, but whenever I add a line there under my level (like BaboonHP 42152) I get an error message while converting with esse.exe.

In the TREP manual there is the following information about scripting:

3.1.5.: Enemy HP and attack power

Quite often experienced level builders uses same enemy slots for different enemies in different levels. Unfortunately, all parameters were remaining the same with each enemy, cause all enemy behaviour was hardcoded, thanks to Our Dearest Core Design Programmers. Now you should be able to change enemy characteristics on the fly, and this should allow you to create true different enemies in the same slots.

SkeletonHP, Baddy1HP, Baddy2HP, ScorpionHP, MummyHP, KnightTemplarHP, SphinxHP, SethHP, HorsemenHP, HammerheadHP, CrocHP, MutantHP, GuideHP, Demigod1HP, Demigod2HP, Demigod3HP, TroopsHP, SASHP, HarpyHP, WildBoarHP, DogHP, AhmetHP, BaboonHP, BatHP, BigBeetleHP, VonCroyHP
HPs for all TR4 enemies (except doomed Small Scorpion). Values are same as with native TREP settings, except GuideHP, which is signed integer instead of unsigned.

This hasn't helped me much. What I need is the Guide HP for the Baboon - written in script2.
So what do I have to write in script2.txt to make it possible? Or must it be changed in aliases.txt?

EDIT: I've got it! :2thumbsup: You have to write the Guide's value from the aliases.txt in the script2.txt - in my case:
BaboonHP= -16384

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