Converter Crashes

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Converter Crashes

Post by trplayer » 12 Jul 2009 20:24

Lo, it is that infamous and sad problem: A converter that will not convert!

It gets to 'possible unused room textures: 32', then 'this program has encountered...' :( It is possible that the hold up is in the animation ranges... but I am not sure.

I tried TRFix to look at the project, but it crashes trying to load it. Heck, it even crashes trying to load my older ones that I know convert, so I do not put too much weight on what it is saying.

I really do not want to split my level... but what could be wrong? :(

Thanks for any tips,
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Re: Converter Crashes

Post by FrolicEgg » 17 Feb 2011 21:42

Is it the first time you convert your level?
Otherwise, you must see at what point the converter went crashing. Did you add a certain object, texture, door,...?
The converter always crashes with a reason
Unfortunately, even the slightest thing makes the trle converter crash ;)

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Re: Converter Crashes

Post by aktrekker » 18 Feb 2011 06:36

Some people have used the NGLE converter (the one compatible with TRLE) to convert their levels. It's a little more stable, especially on newer versions of Windows.

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