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Beta-Testing Forum

Post by mugs » 19 Jan 2009 20:13

With the development of our new board, we realized (thanks to Elvis) that we had failed to make one of the forum's assets better known. That is, we have a beta-testing forum that is available to our builders and testing teams.

Any builder may contact an Administrator (MichaelP, Tinka, QRS) and request access to the site. The Administrator will need to know who your beta-testers are so that they can also be given access to your site. These testing sites are mutually-exclusive.That means that only your team may enter your testing site. No other members can see the site. So, it's very private.

Attachments will be permitted in the testing forums to aid in the testing process. Your forum will remain established for your future testing needs, but the threads will be pruned after a period of time.
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