Star Wars Enemies and stuff request

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Star Wars Enemies and stuff request

Post by ggctuk » 09 May 2007 10:34

I would like the following enemies please:
  • Droideka (In the Demigod 2 slot)
  • AAT (In the Demigod 3 Slot)
  • Darth Maul (Two Bladed in either the BADDY2 or SCORPION Slot)
  • Plasma Battle Droid (Look on Wookiepedia for what I mean - players of Jedi power Battles will know how they act - roughly the same as the VCI Hulk Man - if you can just convert the Hulm Man I can take it from there)
  • Gungan Warrior (SCORPION Slot)
Also I'd like the following:
  • Trade Federation Battleship interior textures and objects (Doors and such like)
  • Naboo Palace and Generator Textures
  • Coruscant Textures (If nobody can answer this one I'll modify some Bespin textures)
If anybody could answer, thank you a lot.
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