Anyone well versed in outfit creation? I need some help plez

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Anyone well versed in outfit creation? I need some help plez

Post by MasuraoKage » 18 Sep 2006 04:18

(plez=please, just couldn't fit it in the title)

Well I posted a topic on this in the forum at but I thought I'd ask here too in hopes that someone would be able to help...

I have made outfits before using joint meshes but it's been a while since then and I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right... yet I'm still having this problem. I've remapped the points and still nothing's really helped... Some of the meshes do have more than 255 vertices but with the TREP patcher it should work, and I've seen other people make outfits with more vertices in each mesh as well and it still worked...

Here's a screen, might help to have visual reference:


Anyone have any idea how I could fix this? Mostly the meshes that aren't joints are sticking out everywhere... So I have no clue what the problem is... It's quite irritating since I've put a lot of time into this so far. ;__;

I am using joint meshes from Poison Ivy's stretch dress outfit, and the hair is from Trinity's 1yr anniversary outfit. The hair is working fine... but the rest is awry. Any help would be deeply appreciated guys.

Thanks! If anyone would like the original wad I can get it to you if you need it, just let me know.

~ Mas

(ps: character is modelled after the character named Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 if anyone was curious...)

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