pulleys 'n' bullies :'(

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pulleys 'n' bullies :'(

Post by trplayer » 17 Sep 2006 13:16

Hey there...

I have a few pullies set up. Each one needs to be pulled a different number of times in order to open one door.

Now, it all works like it should, except that even when Lara's not pulling the things, they keep sliding down :(. She still has to pull it 3 times, but until she does the animation three times, it just keeps rotating downward :(. This is the same for the ones that need 2 times, four times, etc. Except for one time.

Once she's finished doing her part, THEN they stop moving :-o. Which would explain why the one-timer stops after the first pull ;).

Anyway to fix this up... I'm sure they wouldn't 've had this in the real game :cry: .

Thanks a gabillion :),
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