Weekend Rumbles - Blind Races

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Weekend Rumbles - Blind Races

Post by The Snarky Lesbian » 05 Feb 2020 18:13

Hello TRLE community,

after doing a blind race with ActionTurnip recently, blind racing NondescriptMidnight, and still planning to do a Secrets of Egypt race with NondescriptMidnight, we had the idea that we could do maybe do blind races of TRLE levels in general, and possible with more people if they are interested. Like we would either use a Discord Server or a Forum thread to discuss which levels we could play (make sure people do the blind, or have sections for non-blind races), and then we would stream the races on Twitch (for instance via Multitwitch).

This could mean lots of things:
- Publicity for the streamers
- Publicity for the levels and TRLE in general
- More networking within the community
- The creators can check the streams / VODs to gauge how people play and enjoy their levels
- Fun way to enjoy old and new levels

So what do you all think?

Also if you're interested in taking part in future blind races, you can either DM me here or add me on Discord at Khari Eventide#2365.

Example Races:

Cold Friend by o-eight | ActionTurnip vs TheSnarkyLesbian: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/544195226?t=03h05m40s

For the Race with NondescriptMidnight I can no longer find the VOD, my apologies

Thanks in Advance for feedback and people that would love to race with us.
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