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Request For level-Builders!

Post by High Priestess » 14 Jun 2019 12:46

Hi, Raiders,

I'm not at all adept with the Level-Editor and I posed this question before some time ago. Are there any builders that want to build my level? :D :angel:

It is well thought-out and the title is "The Missing Bone of Cathius". To give you an idea, Lara starts out in the makeshift cemetary of an abandoned mansion. It is dark outside - lit up only by moonlight. She is standing afront of a few crosses (graves), one of which is pushable. When she pushes one cross, she reveals the skeleton of Cathius but with a femur (leg bone), missing along with a note. Cathius can't rest until he is buried completely with his missing leg bone.

The first task is to locate a key to the creepy mansion and, thereafter finding a fuse via the use of flares so that the lights can be activated. It would essentially be a bit of a mysterious level and I would love someone to build it for me.

Please do work together if you feel it is worthy of a go and I'll be happy to converse in PM as to the rest of the story. It would be an hour-long Raid and...thank you xx

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