Looking for Tomb Raider streamers

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Looking for Tomb Raider streamers

Post by constantine » 24 Oct 2018 08:02

are there any classic Tomb Raider streamers?

I am looking for some streamers that would be willing to take part in a TR4-6 stream marathon to promote Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Kickstarter campaign. This campaing ends in week and a half, but is still not funded.

My idea is a stream marathon where each streamer streams on Twitch for a scheduled time (1 hour or more, as he wishes). After that, another streamer joins.
The streamers could also send saves from where they finished so the next one could continue. The streaming games would be TR4, TR5 and TR6 (as these 3 games are what The Dark Angel is about).

Would you be interested to join? Or do you have some ideas how to improve this? Let me know in here or a PM, thank you very much!

BTW this initiative is sanctioned by the Dark Angel team and will be promoted on the official channels.

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Re: Looking for Tomb Raider streamers

Post by DoggettTV » 20 Dec 2018 01:26

I make live stream on Twitch, but not only Tomb Raider Games :)
I'm DoggettTV.

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