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Tomb Raider 2018 movie review

Post by Zaffiro » 29 Aug 2018 14:27


Last Sunday I finally saw the movie on DVD, thanks to my younger brother.
I didn't see it in cinemas, although I was pretty much bombarded by this campaign: But I loved Lucozade drinks before the movie was released, so no biggie. :)
And now I confess that I was so obsessed not to have the plot spoiled (because my brother, who saw it back in Italy, assured me that it wasn't a carbon copy of the video game of 2013) that I muted the original video that I used for my mashup "Lara's graduation" without even listening to it before! Which means that I assumed that the guy Lara said goodbye to at the start was Conrad Roth, and not Richard Croft!
So I saw the movie. What I liked?
1) Lara Croft. She's the one from the post 2013 games, but I could see significant traces of the previous incarnations ("Really?"), so hell yeah! There's only one little defect, but I'll tell you in the end.
3) Lara's life in London. I wish there was something like that on Yamatai, maybe a little montage of her killing animals and stuff, before meeting her father.
2) Jacqueline Natla. Yeah, you can say "actually, that's Ana Miller", but I don't care. To me, her attitude screamed "Natla" since the very first second of her appearance. And I think that while Lara was on Yamatai, she practiced her powers against the Master... pardon, Mr Yaffe, because he "gave" Lara the puzzle before she signed the papers, basically making Natla waste her time.
3) Lu Ren. I liked him. Especially the fact that he didn't die on the end, nor he ended being one of Lara's employees. And I also appreciated that there were less characters than in the game, because of this being a movie, and you know, a 2-hour movie is kinda different from a 13-hour game. XD
4) Mathias Vogel. Besides the fact that I was happy to see Walton Goggins in a major role (but has he worked in something where his character DOESN'T die?), I was more than fine that he proved to be better than Richard Croft in the following respect: he cared about coming home to his daughters (while in the game he wanted to rescue himself and his men) more than anything, while Richard cared about going on adventures more than being with Lara (I'll talk about Richard later). I would have been happier if he was stranded on Yamatai because of Himiko instead of Natla, but I always preferred the supernatural elements instead of the realistic ones, when it comes to Tomb Raider. So that's just me. What I didn't like about Mathias is that he SPOKE about being on Yamatai for seven years TWICE in the same scene.
5) Himiko. I would have preferred that the story Richard told about her was shown only once, when Lara discovered her father's second life. I loved the variation that made her the heroine of her own story! Oh, and Mathias saying that sentence about little ladies, talking about Himiko, could have also been a reference to Lara, that isn't exactly known for being a tall woman. ;)
What I didn't like:
1) Richard Croft. The passage from wanting to discover other dimensions, maybe Heaven, to wanting to take Trinity down made no sense. Why not saying something along the lines of: "I was looking for a way to meet my late Amelia again (by the way, leaving you alone for years when you needed me the most) when I found out about Trinity?"
2) Seven years stranded on a island and the only one who got mad was Mathias. What about the mercenaries (apart from the one Lara drowned)? Just one line or two, like in the game? Nope. :(
3) I'm fine with the concept: "All myths are foundations of reality". But to me, you can't do everything realistic AND leave Lara doing super long jumps. Just saying. XD
So that's all I managed to express about this movie. I definitely liked it.

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