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Re: November

Post by Jorge22 » 30 Nov 2017 15:51

I hope you'll get your apartment and then your luxury apartment. :)

Perfectionism (as in crossing t's and dotting i's :) ) isn't a bad thing. One just has to try and have a balance as in all things.

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Re: November

Post by Hitsumei » 30 Nov 2017 17:38

Thank you Jorge! :)

I found out that a condominium in Maryland can cost as much as a house in Georgia. So I can still achieve independent living.

I'm really regaining confidence with my old retail job, and the competitive atmosphere (and having respectable enough skills and talents to BE in the competition) is going to give me the strength to deal with more challenging work environments.

I mention the perfectionism in Maryland because it can be a good thing (being a better quality person, and retail in Maryland is better than in Georgia), but it can also be a bad thing (no wonder I didn't feel so great about myself for so many years). I had a harder time getting my Maryland residency than Georgia residency, but I did get it. Starting hunting in Maryland would've been more difficult with the gun laws there with respect to my personal history, but I'm prepared for the higher learning expectations for hunter's education once I reestablish 6 months of residency.

My long-term career goals for now are either saving money for a field school in Minnesota to get the intellectual, physical, and driving skills I need to do field work in natural sciences (the schooling I got gave me the grit, but not all the preparation I needed for the jobs at hand). Or getting into hunting and fishing more, and getting a coach to stand out from the competition and get a conservation officer job. Or, now that karate is an Olympic sport, I could see if I could become an Olympic athlete...

I will have to find out which path will inspire me the most (and make me the least cynical), but once I can figure it out, I will have to prepare well for the job at hand so that I succeed in every way.

But in any of these cases, I feel great I have a solid foundation to start with in terms of career and finances. I truly believe in the company culture, and I put to use all of my talents (my wit, my physical strength, my problem-solving skills, my salesmanship...) there.

I resumed karate on Tuesday, and it was great to see how much power I developed over the last few months.
"With effort and persistence, a beginner can become an expert!"

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