Let's Celebrate Mugs' Levels.

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Let's Celebrate Mugs' Levels.

Post by High Priestess » 26 Aug 2017 17:56

Without overlooking other new releases, I wondered if it would be an idea to play some of Pat's levels and swap/compare favourite parts of various levels that she built?

I personally was never able to complete her very complex "Alcatraz" level but perhaps now is the time to give it another go. :)

I'm quite sure that Pat would have wanted us to celebrate her achievements as opposed to wallowing in the grief we all feel so let us all honour her by way of bringing her levels back to life!

Pat/Mugs was a lovely lady - I re-read some of our private messages this morning with not only a sense of loss but also with a lump in my throat. Her absence has left a terrible void on this forum so please use this thread to post screenshots of her levels and chat about how lovely she truly was.

Thank you to all who join in the celebration of Pat's memory and blessed be :angel:

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