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Re: January thread- Train #2013

Post by eRIC » 19 Jan 2013 14:37


you almost scared me ! :D

Little people know that "where is my dinner ?" is a famous sentence of the movie "My dinner with André"

Image (André was young then, you won't even recognize him)

Hey , i see you have more teeth than me, but you have less hair in the nose
that gives me an idea to really scare people on the forum

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Re: January thread- Train #2013

Post by Dutchy » 19 Jan 2013 15:22

I'm a well known person as you can see :lol: Most of the teeth are fake..The barber in Turkey takes care of the nose/ear hair during my regular visits. Standard Service: haircut/shave/extensive "older men hair" removal/neck-shoulder-arms massage

I even saw some men have their ears waxed, but I'm not into that after seeing it done :-o Wonder if they also wax noses :anxious:

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Re: January thread- Train #2013

Post by Mute2Conversations » 24 Jan 2013 16:11

Jesse wrote:Happy new year! :balloon:

My new year's resolution is to finally start going for a license. I just can't get anywhere effectively and I'm tired of asking others to haul me around, so we'll see how it goes.
That is one of my resolutions too.

Well, we are still here. Much to my surprise, my neighbors--who believed the world was going to end--seem happy that it didn't.

My New Year isn't off to a great start. I just recovered from a nasty cold that took me out for three weeks. My mom doesn't read her mail, and we didn't realize our phones had been shut off until last night. I recently upgraded to a new phone when my old one died. The "free" phone had some charges that they stuck on us.

I nearly had a heart attack when one of my packages to my customers didn't show up on the manifest for two days after I delivered it. Something finally showed up today, much to my relief. I hope there are no problems. It is possible this person is from an army base, and we don't tend to get information on tracking with those. California deliveries have been more troublesome lately anyway.

The good news is, my resolutions are going well. I fully primed my mom's car, so it will be ready for painting in February. My savings plan is doing very well. The only problem is that my mom often has to borrow money, like for the phone bill. My diet is going well. I've reduced my sugar, though not to the amounts they suggest. I can't figure out how a person can do what they suggest, particularly since they count fruit sugars (natural sugars). I'm no longer drinking 3-5 sodas everyday. Sometimes I have a diet soda, but not often. My diet overall is doing well. I've lost 13 pounds.
A mistake is simply another way of doing things--Katharine Graham

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Re: January thread- Train #2013

Post by avmaster » 31 Jan 2013 12:01

After a period of continuous snowfall we have 2 days of sunshine :jump2: at 13 c above zero which is not often here at the end of January. But the wheather forecast says snowfall is going to come back on Saturday. :earmuffs:
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