ONE ROOM CHALLENGE | It's Christmas!

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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE | It's Christmas!

Post by parazombie » 09 Dec 2011 16:44

Hey guys! This time around I've decided to bring the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE to the TRLE forum, as there are a lot of talented builders here who aren't on the Tomb Raider Forums. :-P


Entrants in this competition are required to make a TRLE level, but there is a catch, you can only use one room! There is however a second room that can either be used below as a (2 click deep) water room, a spike room, a chasm, or really anything that is not used for running around in, or the second room can also be used above your main room, but it is not allowed to be used for gameplay; it's more there for scenery. Cutscenes will be allowed, but they cannot be of large scale. If you wish to use your second room for a cutscene, that is fine, although you cannot use another second room above or below your main room.

  • ONE level per entrant.
  • Levels not sent to me by deadline will not be included.
  • Level MUST be built by you.
  • If objects or textures are taken from an LE level released and permission is not given by maker, the level will be disqualified.
  • Screenshots of your level can be posted. (will go into more detail below)
  • Any level including more than two rooms will be disqualified.
  • Meta2TR is allowed.
  • Theme: Christmas OR Snow.
Layout of Challenge
Following the previous challenge, the participants will be required to follow the layout, but this time there will be more freedom and you will not be required to update us on your progress (except for the mandatory screenshot and 2D layout pictures) or reveal which Lara model you are using, WAD, textures, etc. However, that does not mean you cannot share that information with us. You are also free to post screenshots of the progress of your level throughout the weeks.

The layout is as follows:
  • Week 1: Participants are to build up their WAD, choose their character model, and texture set. Once that is done you will have the option of showing us which character model and texture set you are using. Just show a sample of your texture set.
  • Week 2 (duration: 3 weeks): This is where the building will begin. From here you are free to make your level, but you are required post one screenshot after the first week is up which will include the 2D layout of your level (to prove that you're using no more than two rooms), and just a general picture for people to view your level. At the end of week 4 you will be required to post another picture of your 2D layout, to finalize the level. GIVEN THAT THIS PART OF THE CHALLENGE WILL FALL DURING CHRISTMAS DAY, I HAVE MADE IT THREE WEEKS, AS PEOPLE WILL BE BUSY.
  • Week 5: This is the most crucial part of the challenge because this is the week that you will compile your level, make it an executable, upload to Mediafire, and send me the link to start the voting process. (I'm sure members on here will help with compiling your level if help is needed.)
  • Week 6: During this week the voting will commence, it will last a whole week. I will go into more detail about voting when the time comes.
Leg-up in the Challenge
In this challenge there will be a small little bonus which can give you a leg-up when it comes to voting time. I will pose to you a word, or an object, which you must somehow include or incorporate into your level, if you do include it in your level you will get a bonus 5 points when it comes to voting, which could ultimately push you to the top and win the challenge. As this is the first time trying it out, I will make it something simple.


This means, somehow you must incorporate bells into your level. You can have a bell object mounted on a wall, you can have a sound of bells ringing out in the background, you can base your whole game around them, etc. Any way you can get bells into your level will guarantee you 5 extra points when it comes to voting. Although, to get the 5 extra points you must ALSO state where/how a bell is incorporated.

I am going to contact a few of the amazingly talented members on TRF and see if any of them would be willing to drop a few prizes for the winners of the challenge! I hope that gives people more incentive to join! :D If anybody is willing to donate anything that could be used as a prize, feel free to come forward, but do not feed obligated to.

Here is the list of participants who will be involved in the challenge. When people sign up I would like them to do it like so, e.g: parazombie - TRNG. If you are using TREP, just change TRNG to TREP. :)

Also, just a note. This time I will also be including the forum. It would be appreciated if participants could keep the thread in which they signed up from. i.e. If you signed up on TRF, use the TRF thread for your updates, posts, queries, etc. | If you signed up on the, use that thread for your updates, posts, queries, etc.

Thank you. :)



If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask. I will surely answer and add to the first post. :)

challenge will officially start on the 13th

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