TR Community Day at Square Enix Germany

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TR Community Day at Square Enix Germany

Post by MichaelP » 15 Oct 2011 13:07

I realize this should go into the "Official TR" forum, but thought it may get more attention in "Chat", so posting it here.

In case you have not seen any of the footage on the web yet, you can read about a great event at Square Enix Germany on October 6 in the New Tribune now: click here

Thanks to Opa TS for the report - He did attend the meeting on my behalf, as I was unfotunately not able to go to Hamburg that day myself. Looks they intend to repeat this in 2012 though, so I hope to go there next time :D

For a closer encounter with Meagan Marie, the Global Square Enix community manager, have a look at those three videos - courtesy of Minerva from ... re=related ... re=related

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