Extracting textures from xbox360 games?

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Extracting textures from xbox360 games?

Post by QRS » 17 Jun 2010 00:42

Anyone knows if this is posible?

I just got the resident evil 5 gold edition for my xbox 360 and I would love to extract the textures from the "lost in nightmares" bonus game. It has textures very similar to the original RE games in the mansion etc.

The game will not be released on PC which would have made it very easy in terms of extracting textures. I own the RE 5 for both PC, xbox360 and ps3 (yeah I'm a RE freak hehe) But as I just said, no lost in nightmares for the pc, or I would have bought that version instead :(

Anyone who knows of a way?

I managed to transfer the file to my pc but it is .fyk file and I can't open it. Seems to be the same as in postal 2.
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