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FAO: Munich & Bavaria members

Post by eTux » 18 Apr 2010 14:29

I was not sure this waranted a new topic - but I guess it will be more easily seen this way so here goes:

As some of you may or may not know - I'm currently doing my Erasmus semester in Munich until August, and am starting to get to know Munich and its surroundings as part of the process. This is by no means a must obviously, and no one should feel forced - but in case anyone local or visiting is up for a meet n' greet in any shape and form - I'd be glad to do something together when our schedules can overlap :)

I'm warning in advance that I don't have a whole lot of new TR material to show, so no one should be getting their hopes up for that, but in case there is interest - you can either e-mail/PM me directly or use this thread :)

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